USCIS Translation: Portuguese Birth Certificates

Immigration attorneys who practice in diverse cities such as Los Angeles usually assist clients from various parts of the world. Portuguese speakers who intend to settle in the United States or obtain visa for a family members often prefer to get in touch with a Portuguese-speaking lawyer. Attorneys who specialize in immigration law and speak Portuguese cannot necessarily act as translators when it comes to translating documents for USCIS. They might inform their clients that they have to get their Portuguese birth certificates translated into English for immigration applications and refer them to a third party but do not execute the translation of documents. We have translated many documents for immigration law firms and are familiar with the requirements of USCIS for non-English documents. We can translate official documents issued in any Portuguese-speaking country.

Our translators who specialize in Portuguese translation produce translations that are culturally appropriate. If they come across a word that they think might mean two different things, they will try to conduct research to achieve accuracy. Translations are proofread as a part of our quality assurance process before they are sent to the client. We rely on the expertise of professional translators to prepare the translation of Portuguese-language documents. We can translate short birth certificates and longer documents such as divorce decrees. Our service is punctual and timely. We aim to deliver top-quality translations for all types of documents. CACFTI translates documents such as birth certificates from foreign languages into English. We understand that immigration lawyers assist individuals who need to have non-English language documents translated for a visa application. Our establishment is perfect for anyone who is looking for certified translation services. We have made the process extremely convenient and simple. We satisfy the need of professionals in the industry who focus on immigration law.

We can translate the birth certificate of your clients from Portuguese into English. All you have to do to get a certified translation is send us the documents via email and specify the target language. If you let us know that the translations will be used for U.S. immigration we will know that the target language is English. Our translators who possess advanced language skills and are fluent in English and Portuguese are interested in translating your documents pertaining to an immigration matter. If you are looking for a translation company in Los Angeles, please contact us. We are confident that you won’t be disappointed.

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