Certified English Translation of Farsi Diplomas

College applicants who have completed their high school studies in Iran or other Persian-speaking countries are typically asked to provide a certified English translation of their diploma. The diploma is an important document because it represents the candidate’s successful completion of high school requirements abroad. Degrees that are printed in a foreign language are usually unacceptable for U.S. schools. Educational institutions in the United States usually expect international applicants to seek academic document translation services before they submit their application. Their primary function is not to translate documents. Thus, while some schools might have a multilingual staff to assist international applicants who call or send emails they do not support the translation of official documents. They rely on the candidates to get those documents translated. Farsi-speakers can get in touch with a company that offers Farsi to English translations for academic documents. They can let the representative know that they are looking for a certified translation of a Farsi diploma to submit with their college application.

Why You Need Your Farsi Diploma Translated

Academic institutions present a diploma to students who have successfully fulfilled their graduation requirements. Farsi-speakers who have attended high school in their home country and hold a degree from a school abroad sometimes need to have the document translated. Individuals who have decided to enroll in an American college often have to get their high school diploma translated into English. Many schools require a certified translation of academic documents. International applicants who hold a Farsi-language diploma should try to find out what other documents the college they are applying to needs to process their application. You might need to have your Farsi diploma along with transcripts translated.

CACFTI is a reliable firm in Los Angeles that focuses on top-quality translation services for Farsi and many other languages. We aim to deliver great translations for international applicants so that they do not experience any issues in the process. We understand that certified English translations of diplomas are important components in the application process. Therefore, we work hard to ensure that you receive the best translations. Please let us know if you have a Persian diploma that you would like to have translated into English. We will also need to know whether the English translation has to be certified. To learn more about our academic document translation services for Farsi, please visit us online or contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and translating your diplomas!

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