What is a Certified Translation for California Court?

Family attorneys who practice in California sometimes receive documents issued in foreign countries regarding divorce proceedings that they need to use in an American court. They want to know what type of translation is acceptable for this purpose. They ask what certified translations for courts means and what documents other than the translation need to be submitted. A certified translation for CA courts is one that has been executed by a translator who is approved to translate documents for courts. Such translators have met certain requirements and are qualified to translate documents for courts in California. Usually no documents other than the original, the English translation, and the certification have to be prepared. Individuals who wish to have the translations notarized can ask the service provider for notarization.

Some companies offer certified and notarized translations. What should a family lawyer do if his client has documents from a court in France regarding divorce proceedings? He can contact a company that offers certified translation services. CACFTI can effectively handle the translation of documents to be used in a court. We have translated documents for many law firms and other organizations. We are capable of translating various types of text from foreign languages into English. We can also translate documents from English to foreign languages. Our translators who are approved to translate foreign-language documents into English for courts are ready to assist the legal community. We will translate your documents and stamp/seal the pages so that the recipient can tell the documents came from our company. We will also provide the translator’s declaration along with the translations. We encourage law firms that specialize in family law to contact us with foreign-language documents pertaining to divorce proceedings.

We can also translate other types of documents. Intellectual property lawyers who are handling a patent litigation case can take advantage of our court-certified translations. Our translators who specialize in the translation of documents related to intellectual property and are approved to perform written translations for courts can help you. We are interested in translating your legal documents. Please get in touch with us if you need certified translations for courts. We have a team of talented translators who can translate text from foreign languages into English. They are familiar with legal terminology and have translated documents for professionals in the industry. We support many languages. When you email us your documents for a quote, please let us know that the translations will be used in a court.

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