Translation of Spanish Birth Certificate for USCIS

Spanish-speakers who are working on an application regarding an immigration matter are often aware that they will have to get their personal documents translated from Spanish to English. They seek certified translations for USCIS at some point during the process of filling out the application. Some applicants have a hard time understanding why their application was rejected or delayed. Many did not know that they had to submit a certified translation of their foreign-language birth certificate or other supporting documents. A birth certificate is often sent along with an application because it confirms the holder’s name, date of birth, place of birth, parents’ names, etc. Translators who specialize in Spanish to English translations and have handled the translation of documents for immigration authorities usually understand the importance of their work in the application process. They carefully review the Spanish text and translate it into English.

Companies that have experience with the translation of immigration-related documents translate the Spanish-language birth certificate and attach the translator’s certification. They also stamp and seal the pages. Immigration applications often require the applicant to submit a copy of the document in the original Spanish language along with the certified English translation. CACFTI is a company that is truly dedicated to meeting the needs of immigrants who are getting ready to submit a visa application. Our professional translation services are perfect for Spanish-speaking individuals who are in the process of completing an application for a visa. We can provide certified translations for Spanish-language documents. We have translated many birth certificates from Spanish-speaking countries and are confident in our ability to exceed the expectation of immigrants who need to have an English translation of their personal documents. You can rely on our experience and knowledge in the area of document translation to get your birth certificate translated.

We consider the translation of personal documents for immigration applications very important and do our best to deliver impeccable translations. Our Spanish translators are professionals who can produce top-quality translations. They can work from Spanish to English and vice versa. We are interested in hearing from you if you need to have a birth certificate issued in a Spanish-speaking country translated into English. Please get in touch with us to discuss our certified translations for USCIS and get a quote. You can email us your Spanish-language birth certificate and let us know you will be using the translations for immigration purposes to receive more information about how to get started.

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