All You Need to Know about Academic Translation

International students from all over the country contact us to learn about our academic document translation services. Our expertise in the area of professional translation services draws the attention of many individuals who need to have their school-related documents translated into English. Many of them have never applied to an educational institution in the United States. Now that they have moved abroad and intend to enroll in a college away from home they need to know how to go about getting their academic documents translated. The translation procedure is a new concept to such students so they want to know the basics.
The first thing international applicants should keep in mind that they do not have to drop the documents off at our office in Los Angeles. This is an important point for students who live far away from LA. Many students who reach out to us express concern about their inability to deliver the original documents in person. However, they do not need to worry about getting the documents to us. They can simply scan all the pages their school requires and send them to us via email. Students who know for sure that the academic institution they are applying to requests the originals can mail us the documents.
Students who have completed some courses in a non-English speaking country and hope to transfer their credits to an American school might have to provide course syllabus in addition to their transcripts. School transcripts usually indicate the course title, the number of units, and year taken. They do not go into depth about the scope of the course. The admissions office might ask for the course syllabus. Such documents can also be submitted to a translation company.
The last thing international students should know about academic translation is that the original document needs to be attached to the translation. Many colleges who take applications from international students would like to review the foreign-language document plus its English translation. Some admissions counselors use the foreign language documents to verify information.
CACFTI knows all about certified translations for educational documents. We have vast experience in the translation of academic records, degrees, syllabus, student ID cards, etc. We have received many inquiries from international students who were interested in getting their foreign-language documents translated into English. Please contact us about our academic document translation services if you are an international student. We are confident in our ability to exceed your expectations.

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