5 Steps for Translating a Contract in Los Angeles

Anyone who has a contract in English and would like to get it translated into a different language can follow a few simple steps to complete the process. Contracts are crucial in various types of relationships including employer-employee relationships. Employees who have agreed to work based on commission, for example, often have signed a detailed contract. In Los Angeles it is common for non-English speakers to sign such agreements. Non-English speakers rely on translation companies to understand the terms of the agreement before they sign it. The first step to get a contract translated into a foreign language is to find a translation company that offers legal translation services. A commission contract is an important legal document that indicates what percentage the employee will get for his/her work. It is imperative for the employer to consider companies that specialize in legal language.

Translators with a solid background in law and the legal field can usually translate contracts effectively. The second step is to send the translation company the document. Some firms take the original copy such that clients have to deliver the document or mail it to the office. Other organizations accept digital files so their clients can simply scan the pages and email them. The third step is to get a quote and confirm the project. After you have reviewed and approved the service provider’s quote and you can ask about the methods of payment they accept. You would make your payment in cases in which the service requires advanced payment. The fourth step is to get the electronic version to make sure everything is correct. Companies that are dedicated to customer satisfaction commonly provide their clients with the opportunity to review the translated material before they proceed with the hard copy.

The fifth step is to provide the address to which the translated contract has to be mailed. Individuals should also make a note if they require fast shipping. As a reliable company based in Los Angeles, CACFTI offers translation services for legal documents. We truly understand that the translation of a legal document can make a difference in the outcome of a case in court. A contract represents the mutual understanding between two parties and as such must be translated accurately. We would appreciate your consideration if you need to have an agreement translated from English into a foreign language. Please contact us with the detail of your project to get a quote.

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