Certified and Notarized Translation for CA Courts

Many courts, such as the Los Angeles Superior Court, that are located in diverse cities hear cases that involve foreign-language documents. Some examples of documents that are used in courts include contracts, divorce decrees, and wills. Certified translations for courts enable individuals who have non-English documents to use the content in a legal case. Foreign-language documents can be used in various cases including patent litigations and business disputes. Documents that are prepared in a foreign language but are critical to a lawsuit can still be used in an American court given that they are translated by a court-approved translator.

CACFTI has ample experience with certified and notarized translations. We are glad that you have landed on our page in your search for certified document translation service. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our prompt and high-quality services. We are a reliable company, and we can translate many types of documents. We have translated many documents for law firms throughout the United States. We are familiar with the requirements of courts in the state for certified translations. Our translators who are very well qualified to translate documents from foreign languages into English are ready to assist you. If you have a non-English language document such as a contract that you would like to submit to a court in California, please contact us for immediate assistance. We can translate legal documents from various languages into English for court use. We can notarize certified translations if you know that the court needs notarization. We support many languages. For example, we can translate a divorce decree from French into English. We can also translate contracts from Spanish to English.

If you have any questions about our capability to handle your documents, you can speak with a representative. Our translators who specialize in legal translation will surely translate your documents impeccably. Please let us know that you are looking for certified and notarized translations for courts so that we provide both. We look forward to translating your documents for legal purposes. When you inform us that you will be using the translations for courts we will assign the task to a translator who has been approved to translate for courts. We look forward to reviewing your documents and helping you present your foreign-language documents in an American court. Please feel free to ask us about our court-certified translations or contact us for a quote. You can email us your documents for an estimate.

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