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Certified Birth Certificate Translation: U.S. Immigration

Individuals who are working on an immigration application often wonder who can translate their birth certificate from a foreign language into English. This is a question many ask because they have never completed an application for USCIS. Companies throughout the United States offer certified translations for USCIS because birth certificates and other documents have to be translated and presented in a certain way. They will request a certified English translation of foreign-language document. For example, if an immigrant from Mexico is working on a family based visa application he must submit a copy of his Spanish-language birth certificate in addition to its certified English translation.

A number of companies in greater Los Angeles provide Spanish translation service and can assist immigrants from Mexico who need to have their documents translated from Spanish to English. Professional translators have experience translating birth certificates and can translate yours efficiently. They are language specialists who can possess excellent translation skills. Effective communication is very important when it comes to the translation of written text. If the translation is unclear to the reader the translator won’t get a chance to clarify the translations. In U.S immigration matters you might simply receive a rejection letter or a RFE if the translations do not meet their standards. Therefore, it is evident that the certified translation of your birth certificate and other supplementary documents are very important to your case. Immigrants from non-English speaking countries who are thinking about getting their personal documents translated should keep in mind that they will need a certified translation. Translations that are impeccable are unacceptable if they are not attached to the translator’s certification.

Experienced translators handle the translations of your documents properly. They will do their best and prepare their certification when they are done with the translation. If you are in the process of filling out an application for immigration purposes and you are wondering who can help you with the translation section, you can contact a translation company. CACFTI values your consideration of our certified translations for an immigration application. We would love to hear from you if you are searching for a reliable company to take care of your translation needs. We have translated various types of documents for immigration lawyers and others who were working on an immigration application. Our certified translations are acceptable for immigration purposes. We enjoy answering your questions about certified translations for USCIS so please do not hesitate to reach out to learn more.

Tips for Translating Academic Documents

Students who consider studying abroad are often intrigued by the experience of being away from home and attending a college in a foreign country. In order to make the process as smooth and convenient as possible students who are applying from overseas to U.S. colleges need to speak with an admissions counselor regarding their application. They will learn tips and information that will help them with the application process. They might find out that the school requests the certified English translations of their transcripts and earned degrees. How do international applicants get their academic documents translated to English? Which entity can provide high-quality academic document translation services? One tip that international students should keep in mind is asking the translation company the right questions. They can ask whether their translators have experience translating academic documents from foreign languages into English. Furthermore, they can question whether the company supports the languages they need. They can get in touch with a translation company that offers certified translation service.

Academic institutions in the United States typically accept translations that have been completed by a professional translator and are attached to the translator’s certification. Translation firms in Los Angeles often provide academic translations because the city draws a high number of international students. Those who come from non-English speaking countries are usually asked to seek certified translations before they can complete the application process. For instance, if you attended high school in Paris, France and your high school diploma was issued in the French language you would have to get it translated into English as a proof that you have completed high school in your home country. Just because their diploma is in a foreign language it does not mean colleges in the United States do not recognize them as valid. Rather, it just means that the French applicant must seek the assistance of a professional translator.

CACFTI translates academic records that international students need to submit to U.S. schools. We understand that studying abroad is exciting and challenging at the same time. Our translators who have a strong academic background and experience in translating documents for students are ready to help you with the translation of your documents. We certify translated documents to meet the requirements of educational institutions throughout the country. We aim to deliver certified translations for academic documents that exceed the expectations of our clients. We hope that you contact us regarding our academic document translation services if you have been asked to send the English translations of your school transcripts and diploma to a college or university.

The Best Translation Company in Los Angeles

Those who are looking for certified translation services in Los Angeles should try to find the best company that offers professional translation service. After all, who wants a company other than the best in the industry to deliver the translation of a foreign-language document? Companies that are known as the best in their industries exhibit certain characteristics. For example, they are truly concerned about what their clients have to say about them. They use feedback to make revisions and improve their work. In addition, they only collaborate with experts. Leading companies ask their clients to review their translated documents and take their feedback.

If the client is 100% satisfied, they prepare the hard copy. If not, they send the translation back to the proofreader or a second proofreader until the client is happy. They also rely on professional translators to prepare the translations of documents. They screen each candidate before they assign them a project. They categorize their translators by area of specialty such that linguists only work in fields they are completely comfortable with. They search for translators who are accomplished and possess advanced language skills. Translators with the right qualifications and burning desire to execute top-quality translations are great candidates for translation companies that want to become the best. CACFTI collaborates with the industry’s top translators. Our translators are fully proficient in English as well as the foreign language they work with. They are high achievers who consistently produce high-quality translations. They are skilled and experienced in translating documents.

They are happy to hear from their clients and hope that they can improve their translations by incorporating feedback. This is one factor that contributes to their position as the best. Translators who are open to constructive feedback always enhance their services and are more likely to satisfy their clients. We aim to complete translations that exceed your expectations. We strive to maintain our position as one of the best in the translation industry. We are constantly searching for ways to improve our processes and bring the best translations to our clients. We invite you to visit us online to learn more about our professional translation services. Whether you live in Los Angeles or not makes no difference to us because we can serve clients globally. If you want the best translators to execute the translation of your documents, please reach out to us. We are available to answer your questions about our document translation services.

Why Does Court-Certified Translation Matter?

Courts in the United States are very specific about what they want when it comes to accepting documents that are in a language other than English. They want the original documents to be translated into English and attached to a certified translator’s declaration. Court-certified translations matter to parties that need to present a foreign-language document to a jury. The judge would like the translations to be clear and accurate. Companies that offer certified translations for courts are usually concerned about quality. They proofread the documents before submitting them to their clients as a part of their quality control procedure.

Couples who have signed a prenuptial agreement and would like to use the document in a family court during their divorce process will have to render certified translation services if they drafted the contract in a foreign-language. Individuals who live in the United States but do not speak English fluently might draft the agreement in their native language in order to prevent misunderstandings. Such documents will need to be translated should the couple split and end up in a court to split their property. This is when they will learn the significance of court-certified translations. They cannot simply look for a non-certified translation. Rather they must make sure that the translator who completes the translation has the qualifications courts expect. They have to be fluent in the source language and English. Furthermore, they must prepare a certification and sign it.

CACFTI has recognized the need for high-quality translations that parties need to take to court. We do everything we can to exceed your expectations when you contact us regarding the translation of a document from a foreign language to English. If you have a prenuptial agreement that you drafted in a foreign language and you would like to use it in a court, please ask us how we can help. Our court-certified translators who are passionate about breaking language barriers in the legal system would be happy to assist you. We have built a solid reputation in the translation industry for our quality and attention to detail. We are confident that you will be impressed with our court-certified translations. Please contact us if you are seeking certified translations for courts. Our legal translators and proofreaders would love to have the opportunity to translate your documents. A court-certified translation will matter to you if you are planning to take a foreign-language document to a court in the United States.