Tips for Translating Academic Documents

Students who consider studying abroad are often intrigued by the experience of being away from home and attending a college in a foreign country. In order to make the process as smooth and convenient as possible students who are applying from overseas to U.S. colleges need to speak with an admissions counselor regarding their application. They will learn tips and information that will help them with the application process. They might find out that the school requests the certified English translations of their transcripts and earned degrees. How do international applicants get their academic documents translated to English? Which entity can provide high-quality academic document translation services? One tip that international students should keep in mind is asking the translation company the right questions. They can ask whether their translators have experience translating academic documents from foreign languages into English. Furthermore, they can question whether the company supports the languages they need. They can get in touch with a translation company that offers certified translation service.

Academic institutions in the United States typically accept translations that have been completed by a professional translator and are attached to the translator’s certification. Translation firms in Los Angeles often provide academic translations because the city draws a high number of international students. Those who come from non-English speaking countries are usually asked to seek certified translations before they can complete the application process. For instance, if you attended high school in Paris, France and your high school diploma was issued in the French language you would have to get it translated into English as a proof that you have completed high school in your home country. Just because their diploma is in a foreign language it does not mean colleges in the United States do not recognize them as valid. Rather, it just means that the French applicant must seek the assistance of a professional translator.

CACFTI translates academic records that international students need to submit to U.S. schools. We understand that studying abroad is exciting and challenging at the same time. Our translators who have a strong academic background and experience in translating documents for students are ready to help you with the translation of your documents. We certify translated documents to meet the requirements of educational institutions throughout the country. We aim to deliver certified translations for academic documents that exceed the expectations of our clients. We hope that you contact us regarding our academic document translation services if you have been asked to send the English translations of your school transcripts and diploma to a college or university.

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