Certified Birth Certificate Translation: U.S. Immigration

Individuals who are working on an immigration application often wonder who can translate their birth certificate from a foreign language into English. This is a question many ask because they have never completed an application for USCIS. Companies throughout the United States offer certified translations for USCIS because birth certificates and other documents have to be translated and presented in a certain way. They will request a certified English translation of foreign-language document. For example, if an immigrant from Mexico is working on a family based visa application he must submit a copy of his Spanish-language birth certificate in addition to its certified English translation.

A number of companies in greater Los Angeles provide Spanish translation service and can assist immigrants from Mexico who need to have their documents translated from Spanish to English. Professional translators have experience translating birth certificates and can translate yours efficiently. They are language specialists who can possess excellent translation skills. Effective communication is very important when it comes to the translation of written text. If the translation is unclear to the reader the translator won’t get a chance to clarify the translations. In U.S immigration matters you might simply receive a rejection letter or a RFE if the translations do not meet their standards. Therefore, it is evident that the certified translation of your birth certificate and other supplementary documents are very important to your case. Immigrants from non-English speaking countries who are thinking about getting their personal documents translated should keep in mind that they will need a certified translation. Translations that are impeccable are unacceptable if they are not attached to the translator’s certification.

Experienced translators handle the translations of your documents properly. They will do their best and prepare their certification when they are done with the translation. If you are in the process of filling out an application for immigration purposes and you are wondering who can help you with the translation section, you can contact a translation company. CACFTI values your consideration of our certified translations for an immigration application. We would love to hear from you if you are searching for a reliable company to take care of your translation needs. We have translated various types of documents for immigration lawyers and others who were working on an immigration application. Our certified translations are acceptable for immigration purposes. We enjoy answering your questions about certified translations for USCIS so please do not hesitate to reach out to learn more.

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