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Translation 101: Essentials of Court Certified Translations

Lawyers who have recently started practicing estate planning law and taxation might be surprised to learn that they might have to deal with a client who presents them with a foreign-language document. They are probably aware that they will need certified translations for courts. However, how would they go about getting court certified translations? Those who contact professional translation companies will often learn that all they have to do is scan and email the documents that they will have to submit to a probate court. Firms that have extensive experience translating foreign-language documents will handle the translation of such projects so that the newly admitted lawyer does not have to worry about it.

They will assign the task to a translator who can officially translate documents for courts in the state where the lawyer practices. Attorneys who focus on estate planning might have a will that their clients wrote in a foreign language. Since a will include sensitive information about the distribution of one’s assets it should be written in a language that the writer is fluent in. Furthermore, wills that are written in a foreign language should be translated by translators who are capable of expressing the true meaning of the text in English. They review the original will and try to figure out which words in English best capture their intended meaning. They review their work and finalize the translated document before they submit it to their clients.

CACFTI will manage the translation of foreign-language documents that will be used in a court. We provide the most accurate translations for the documents that you are planning to take to court. We know exactly what courts expect in regards to the translation of a non-English document so we can help anyone who is in this situation. We are ready to serve new lawyers and experienced ones who are scheduled to appear in court and need to submit a court-certified translation. Our translators have an impressive record of translating many types of documents. They can translate documents for beginners. We will take care of the project in the most efficient way possible so that you can have a pleasant experience with us. Our goal is to deliver satisfactory translations that you can take to court with you. Please let us know if you need more information about certified translations for court. We are available to answer your questions about court certified translations for any document.

How to Translate Marriage Licenses for Immigration

Those who are planning to apply for a marriage based visa have probably learned that they have to present a copy of their marriage license. They will need to know how to translate the document for immigration. Translators who offer certified translations for USCIS have often translated marriage certificates as well as other documents that are required for an immigration application. They are familiar with the procedure that every translator has to complete in order to deliver an acceptable translation to immigration authorities.

CACFTI is a firm in Los Angeles that offers certified translation services for immigration purposes. We encourage individuals who are working on a marriage based visa application to contact us regarding the translation of their marriage licenses. Here is what you will need to do in order to get a certified translation of your marriage license for USCIS:
1) Scan and email us all the pages of your marriage license that needs to be translated. We sometimes receive inquiries from individuals who do not know whether they need to translate only the first page or all the pages. We cannot answer such questions. You can speak with an immigration attorney regarding the translation of the supplementary documents you will need for your application. Once you know what exactly needs to be translated, you can contact us.
2) Wait for a friendly representative to reply to your email. We try to respond to every email as soon as possible. If you do not hear back from us within 24 hours, please follow up with another email or a phone call.
3) Complete your order. If you would like us to begin translating your marriage license, please make your payment. You can ask us about various payment options.
4) Review the translation. We usually send the digital copy to our clients for their approval before we prepare the hard copy. The purpose of this step is to ensure that the spellings of proper nouns are consistent with your other legal documents. This is especially important for languages such as Farsi, Arabic, Hebrew, and Chinese.

Our translators are professionals with extensive experience in the area of document translation and can assist you with the translations of your legal documents. We only assign the translation of documents to translators with proven expertise in the field of professional translation services. We would be happy to speak with you about our certified translations for USCIS. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about our services.

A Myth on Translation for Multiple Colleges

International students who are working on their application can often start doing so from their home country. Online applications provide an easy and convenient way for students to apply from anywhere. This also means that a higher percentage of applicants form false assumptions about the application process. When it comes to seeking academic document translation services, many try to get a copy from a company and then make additional copies for the other schools they want to apply to. They are surprised to learn that many colleges across the United States require certified copies to be sent directly from the service provider. They do not take translations that do not bear original stamps and signatures. Some have stringent requirement and request that the envelope is sealed and sent directly from the company that provided the translation to the school.

Companies in Los Angeles that provide certified translation services for academic documents are often willing to prepare as many copies as their clients need in order to apply to the schools of their choice. They can ship the translations to the applicant or they can mail it to the college’s international students’ office.
CACFTI can produce multiple copies of translations for international students who are interested in applying to more than one college. Since educational institutions in the United States receive a high number of applications every semester they have to reject a certain percentage of candidates. International applicants who have doubts about hearing good news by applying to only one school prefer to send their application to many colleges. They believe they can increase their chances of being admitted to U.S. colleges by applying to institutions in various cities.

For most applications candidates will be asked to submit a copy of their original academic records plus their certified English translations. It is a myth that most schools will accept photocopies of a certified translation. When our clients request multiple hard copies we will provide original signatures and stamps on every copy so that the translation is official. We understand that the translation of your academic transcripts and diploma is an important element in your application. Those who review your application will rely on those translations to evaluate your application. Our translators who specialize in academic document translation services work diligently to prepare top-quality translations for you. We are happy to speak with you about the translation of the documents you need in order to apply to colleges.

What Do Translation Companies in Los Angeles Do?

Those who are not familiar with the translation industry might be curious about the functions of a translation company in Los Angeles. Since CACFTI is a firm in LA that specializes in certified translation services we can provide useful information about our role. First, the most common myth that we hear is that we only serve clients who live in this city. While we are based in Los Angeles we can serve clients worldwide. All the transactions required to complete an order can be done online. We can also deliver the translations via email or mail the hard copies. Therefore, there is no need for clients to walk in to drop off documents or to pick up. It is certainly not true that in order to take advantage of our services you need to live in this city. In fact, we have had many clients from all over the country as well as outside of the United States.

We are very fortunate to be operating in an industry that allows us to serve a diverse client base. One of our functions is the translation of academic documents. We rely on translators with exceptional skills in professional translation services to translate academic documents for students. We translate documents for international students who are seeking higher degrees in the United States. We translate transcripts, diplomas, letters of recommendation, bank statements, etc for applicants who need certified English translations for universities. Our other specialty is the translation of legal documents. We can translate documents for lawyers who practice in Los Angeles and need to present a foreign-language document to a local court. We can also translate documents for lawyers in other states as long as they can scan and email us all the pages. We are very good at translating legal documents.

Lastly, we translate documents for USCIS. Our translations are compliant with the rules of immigration. Individuals who have to fill out an application for immigration purposes can get in touch with us regarding our certified documents translation services. We would like to believe that we represent excellence and reliability. We are constantly searching for ways to improve our translation services and customer support. If you have always wondered what translation companies in the city of Los Angeles achieve, we hope that we have answered your question. We are available to answer other questions that you might have about our services. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I Need a Certified Translation? 3 Factors to Consider

Individuals who are planning to present a foreign-language document to a party in the United States often ask what they need to do to make sure the translation is acceptable. The first factor that they should consider is whether they will be taking the foreign-language document to courts in Los Angeles. Courts in California request that you submit a certified English translation. This is an important point for you to think about if you are wondering whether you should seek the assistance of a company that offers certified translations for courts. Translation for such purposes must be completed according to the requirements of courts. Companies that offer court-certified translation services usually stamp and seal all the pages to indicate that they are official copies.

The second factor that you should consider when you are trying to decide whether you need a certified translation is the qualifications that you would like the translator to have. Although experienced translators who have completed many courses in translation can usually translate documents professionally you could ask for a court-certified translation if you want a translator who has passed the requirements of courts. Such translators have often been tested in the language pairs they work with and have demonstrated expertise in the area of document translation. They can translate documents that go to courts. They are aware that they need to attach their declaration to the translated documents so you never have to be concerned about the rejection of your translation.

The third factor that you should consider when you are thinking about getting a certified translation is the recipient of the translation. If they have already mentioned to you that they want a certified translation, you have to get them exactly what they want. You cannot simply translate the document yourself or have a friend who is fluent in both languages execute the translation. The recipient could be the court, your lawyer, USCIS, or other entities.

Those who are wondering whether they need a certified translation or have a question about professional translation services are encouraged to get in touch with us. We provide certified translations for immigration and courts. We translate various types of documents and can help you if you need an English translation executed by a professional translator. Our translators who offer court-certified translations are fluent in both languages and have the qualifications courts expect the translator to possess. With us you can be sure that certified translations for courts have been performed and delivered in the way courts request.