A Myth on Translation for Multiple Colleges

International students who are working on their application can often start doing so from their home country. Online applications provide an easy and convenient way for students to apply from anywhere. This also means that a higher percentage of applicants form false assumptions about the application process. When it comes to seeking academic document translation services, many try to get a copy from a company and then make additional copies for the other schools they want to apply to. They are surprised to learn that many colleges across the United States require certified copies to be sent directly from the service provider. They do not take translations that do not bear original stamps and signatures. Some have stringent requirement and request that the envelope is sealed and sent directly from the company that provided the translation to the school.

Companies in Los Angeles that provide certified translation services for academic documents are often willing to prepare as many copies as their clients need in order to apply to the schools of their choice. They can ship the translations to the applicant or they can mail it to the college’s international students’ office.
CACFTI can produce multiple copies of translations for international students who are interested in applying to more than one college. Since educational institutions in the United States receive a high number of applications every semester they have to reject a certain percentage of candidates. International applicants who have doubts about hearing good news by applying to only one school prefer to send their application to many colleges. They believe they can increase their chances of being admitted to U.S. colleges by applying to institutions in various cities.

For most applications candidates will be asked to submit a copy of their original academic records plus their certified English translations. It is a myth that most schools will accept photocopies of a certified translation. When our clients request multiple hard copies we will provide original signatures and stamps on every copy so that the translation is official. We understand that the translation of your academic transcripts and diploma is an important element in your application. Those who review your application will rely on those translations to evaluate your application. Our translators who specialize in academic document translation services work diligently to prepare top-quality translations for you. We are happy to speak with you about the translation of the documents you need in order to apply to colleges.

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