Certified Translation of Arabic Birth Certificates

Professional Translation of Arabic Birth Certificates and Records

If you were born in an Arabic speaking country and you have moved to the United States, you might be looking for a professional translation of your Arabic language birth certificate or birth record. If you are applying to a school or submitting your personal information to an employer, you might need to present an official or professional translation of your birth certificate. Likewise, if you are completing an application for USCIS, you might need to present a professional translation of your personal documents including birth certificate. Please contact us if you are need a professional translation of your Arabic language birth registration document.

Certified and Notarized Translation of Arabic Birth Certificates

We can provide a certified translation of Arabic birth certificates. If you need the translation to be notarized too, please mention that when you contact us. A translation that is attached to a notary public’s acknowledgment is called a notarized translation. In some cases a certified translation is sufficient. In certain cases, notarization might be required too. Please let us know what your exact requirements are when you contact us.

Translating Birth Certificates from Arabic to English for USCIS

Immigrants from Arabic-speaking countries who are in the process of applying for citizenship or requesting a visa for a family member usually seek Arabic translation services for the documents that they have to submit to the USCIS. Immigration authorities require such individuals to submit a copy of their personal documents showing their relationship to the person who seeks a visa. Birth certificates issued in Arabic-speaking countries often contain detailed information about a person’s family members. If you need your birth certificate to be translated from Arabic to English for USCIS, please get in touch with us. Our translators have translated many birth certificates and other personal documents for USCIS and would love to have the opportunity to assist you too.

What Are the Steps for Translating a Birth Certificate?

Please make sure you have the right document. Once you are sure that you have the right document, please scan the birth certificate or take a picture of it with your phone. Please double check the image to make sure text has not been cut off on the sides and the text is clear for us to read. Once the electronic copy is ready, please email it to info@cacfti.com. You can also send us the spellings of names as they appear on your official English language documents. If you have a specific deadline in mind, please let us know.

What If I Already Have a Translation Completed Abroad?

If you already have a translation that was done abroad, you might have to get a translation from a service provider in the United States depending on the requirements of the recipient. Some translations that are done abroad can get rejected in the United States because they do not meet certain requirements. Likewise, if translators abroad fail to convert dates properly or summarize the information instead of providing a word-for-word translation you might experience issues. Sometimes those translations are not acceptable for certain purposes in the United States. Please check with the recipient to make sure they accept the translation you have. If they do not accept your translation, please get in touch with us.

CACFTI’s Experience in Translating Arabic Birth Certificates

The translation of an important document such as a birth certificate from Arabic to English requires the expertise of an experienced translator. All of our translators who handle the translation of birth certificates have extensive experience in the translation of birth certificates. We can translate birth certificates from various countries including Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain from Arabic to English. Our translators have years of experience under their belt and are familiar with the language used in birth certificates from many Arabic speaking countries. Their focus on professional Arabic translation has enabled them to work efficiently throughout the process. Once we have completed the translation of a birth record, we offer our client the opportunity to review the translation before we prepare the official copy. Arabic names can be spelled in a few different ways in English. Hence, our clients would have to let us know how their names are spelled on their other legal documents.