Translation of Employee Handbooks and Manuals

Organizations based in the United States that operate globally often need to have their employee handbooks and manuals to be translated from English into foreign languages for employees that work for them abroad. Entities that operate in the United States also often need to have HR documents to be translated into different languages because they could have employees in their local office who do not speak English. They provide the translation of these documents to such employees so that they can understand them.

Translation of Human Resources Documents

Translators who focus on the translation of human resources documents have often translated employee handbooks, manuals, employment policies, forms, applications, and other related documents. They are familiar with terminology related to employment law and human resources. Our translators who specialize in the translation of HR documents put their best effort into their work. Their goal is to clear and professional translations.

Translation of General Employment Policies

A company that operates in international markets might need its general employment policies to be translated into foreign languages. Such documents might include information regarding harassment, discrimination, and retaliation prevention policy. Our translators who have experience translating employment policies and guidelines can translate such documents into foreign languages. Please email your documents to for a quote. We support many languages. We can translate employment policies for companies in various industries as well as educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

Translation of Laws Regarding Wages and Rest Periods

Employee manuals usually contain a section regarding the legal status of the workers and their pay. They also include information regarding meals and rest periods for exempt and non-exempt employees. Translators who have extensive experience translating handbooks and manuals understand the importance of using the right terminology in the target language. The information pertaining to wages, timekeeping records, and breaks have to be translated accurately and completely. Employees who are reviewing the translation of the manual need to understand what their legal rights are regarding rest periods during the workday.

Translation of Paid and Unpaid Leave of Absence

HR documents that employees receive often include information about paid and unpaid leave of absence. They might also include information about holidays, vacations, family care, and bereavement leave. When translators translates this information into the target language they have to make sure that they translate the text accurately and convey the meaning of the original text. Employees who are reviewing the translation have to clearly understand the employer’s policy and expectations. Our translators strive to deliver error-free translations that employers can provide to their employees. They go over each section carefully to make sure they have not missed anything.

Translation of Benefits and Perks in Handbooks

HR handbooks typically include information about employees’ benefits and perks. They might mention any health and welfare benefits plans in which employees can get enrolled. Eligibility might depend on employee classification and length of continuous employment at the organization. This section might also outline what the organization’s policy is regarding employee education. Our translators who specialize in the translation of employee handbooks and manuals have translated texts related to benefits and perks. They would love to have the opportunity to translate your handbooks too.

Why Translate HR Manuals and Handbooks?

The human resources department of companies, non-profit organizations, hospitals, and other entities commonly provide a manual or handbook to employees. Such documents usually provide details about the organization’s history, mission, values, policies, and procedures. If the employees do not speak English or they feel more comfortable reviewing the information in their native language the human resources department usually provides a translation. Likewise, an entity that operates internationally and is involved in a lawsuit in the United States might need to have its HR documents translated into English for use in court.

CACFTI’s Experience in Translation of HR Document

California Center for Translation & Interpretation has translated many HR documents from English to foreign languages. If you work for the human resources department of a company, university, global corporation, hospital, etc. and you need to have your documents translated from English to foreign languages, please get in touch with us. Please let us know if the translation might be used in court. We look forward to assisting you with the translation of your employee handbooks, corporate governance policies, training manuals, safety procedures, and other related documents.