Arabic Birth Certificate Translation for USCIS

Who can translate Arabic documents for USCIS?

Individuals who were born in the Arab world and are currently completing a visa application for US immigration are often aware that they need to have their personal documents translated from Arabic to English. Who can translate such documents for USCIS? Professional translators who are fluent in both Arabic and English can translate birth certificates and other applicable documents for USCIS applications. USCIS requires foreign language documents to be translated by translators who are competent to translate from the source language to the target language.

I have a translation from my home country. Can I use that for USCIS?

USCIS has specific requirements for translations. For US immigration foreign language documents have to be translated and certified according to those requirements. Translations that are prepared abroad are usually not compliant with rules of USCIS. Translations that do not meet those guidelines are often rejected by USCIS.

Do I need to take my documents to the notary before translating?

You do not have to notarize your foreign language documents. You do not have to notarize the translation either. USCIS only requires a certified translation.

I do not live in California. How do I get my documents translated?

While we are based in Los Angeles, we have translated many documents for immigrants all over the country.  We have also translated documents for clients abroad. All transactions can be completed online. You can email us your documents for a quote. We have translated documents from Farsi, Arabic, Japanese, German, Italian, Dutch, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Hebrew, and may other languages into English. We look forward to translating your documents too.

What if I need multiple copies of my translation?

We can provide multiple copies upon request. Please let us know how many copies you need so we can quote accordingly. If you would like each copy mailed to a different address please provide the correct mailing addresses. Some people prefer to have a copy mailed to their lawyer and another one to their place of residence so that they can have a copy for their own records.

How does California Center for Translation & Interpretation translate Arabic language documents for USCIS?

Translating an Arabic document for immigration purposes is very simple for us because we have extensive experience in the translation of Arabic language documents into English for USCIS. We have translated many documents for clients from Arabic speaking countries including Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. We assign your projects to highly experienced specialists who can effectively translate your documents from Arabic to English for US immigration use. Our translators translate your documents according to the guidelines of USCIS so you do not experience issues when you submit your certified translations with your applications. They are proficient in both Arabic and English and competent work in this language pair. We certify the translations according to the guidelines of USCIS so that our translations are compliant and presentable.

Do I need to submit anything other than the translation to USCIS?

In addition to the official copy of the translation, you need to provide the service provider’s declaration or certification. We attach our signed certification to the translation so it is ready to present to USCIS.

California Center for Translation & Interpretation for your Arabic translation needs

CACFTI has translated many birth certificates and other types of documents from foreign languages including Arabic to English for immigration law firms and others who have submitted our certified translations to USCIS. We are committed to delivering impeccable translations, exceeding your expectations. Our translations are prepared by professionals with keen attention to detail and strong translation skills. You can visit us online to learn more about our translation services. Please scan and email your foreign-language birth certificates and any other applicable document to for a quote. In the subject line or somewhere in the body of the email please mention that this is a certified translation for USCIS.  Our translators who specialize in professional document translations are available for your projects. We are interested in hearing from you if you need certified translations for US immigration applications. We look forward to assisting you with the translation of foreign language documents into English. We support all the major world languages.

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