Academic Document Translation, Certification, and Evaluation

Translating Academic Records for Evaluation Companies
Firms that provide degree evaluation services and grade conversion often expect their clients to submit a copy of their academic transcripts and course descriptions as well as their certified translations. Translations usually have to be “word-by-word” or “word-for-word” and completed by a professional translator and certified. Translating and converting grades have to be executed a certain way to accurately reflect the performance of the student. If an evaluation company or a school has asked you for the certified translation of your academic documents, please feel free to contact us. All you have to do is email us a copy of your documents and let us know that you are looking for a certified translation.

Certified Translation for International Students in the United States

International candidates can rely on the expertise of California Center for Translation & Interpretation for the certified translation of their academic records. Many international students who contact us ask whether we provide translation and evaluation services. Our company offers certified translation services. We can provide academic document translation services for students who have completed their studies in a foreign country and are applying to schools in the United States. We support many languages including French, Chinese, Farsi, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, and Romanian. We do not provide evaluation services. You can submit our certified translations to organizations that provide credential evaluation services.

Do All Schools in the United States Ask for Grade Conversion/Degree Evaluation?

Not all schools in the United States expect international applicants to get their degrees evaluated. Some colleges only ask for the certified translation of international candidates’ academic records. They review course descriptions and grades earned to evaluate applications. Other educational institutions require degree evaluations and grade conversion. They want to know what your grades and degrees are equivalent to. We suggest that you get in touch with your school’s admissions office to find out what they need.

How to Get Started with the Certified Translation Process
Please send your documents to for quick assistance. CACFTI has translated transcripts, diplomas, student ID cards, bank statements, and many other types of documents for international applicants. We accept clients from all over the world because all the transactions can be completed online. We encourage you to contact us about our document translations for academic records because the process is usually complicated for foreigners. We rely on our vast experience in the industry to bring you the best services. Some of our clients submit our translations to community colleges. Others are applying to four-year universities and are looking for multiple copies to send to many schools. We also receive documents from foreigners who are applying to vocational schools.

Our certified translations can be submitted to any entity that requires a certified translation. Our translations are executed by professional translators and are attached to our official certification. Our translators are familiar with language related to education and always do their best to deliver top-quality translations. We would love to have the opportunity to assist you with the translation of your school transcripts and degrees from foreign languages to English. If you have not left your home country but are looking to submit your application online, you can email us your documents. We will provide the soft copy so that you can submit it online. If the school requires the hard copy, we can ship the translations directly to the admissions office. Please email us all the pages that you need to have translated and specify your deadline. If you need the hard copy mailed to schools, please provide their mailing addresses. We offer high-quality academic translation services for all the major world languages. We look forward to hearing from you regarding the certified translation of your documents.

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