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Certified Translation of Spanish Contracts for Courts

Who Needs Spanish Contracts Translated?
Businesses in California often form joint ventures with organizations in Latin America to increase efficiency in production or distribution. In order to ensure smoothness in their joint operations they often draft and sign contracts. Such legal documents can be used in court if one party breaches the terms and conditioned specified in the contract. Parties that plan to use foreign-language documents in CA court typically seek certified translations for courts to get the text translated into English. Individuals might also need to get a contract translated if, for instance, they lend money to a Spanish-speaking party and the borrower refuses to pay back the loan according to the provisions of the agreement. If the original loan agreement was in the Spanish language the lender can get it translated into English and present it in a court in the United States.

Who Can Translate Spanish Contracts for Courts?
Courts in the United States expect parties to get in touch with a translator who has the right qualifications to translate and certify foreign-language documents. They can only review the information presented in English. Translators who are court registered or certified can translate documents for courts. Once the translators are done with their translations they need to provide their signed certification so the courts can identify the translator.

Can I Get a Non-Certified Translation for a Spanish Contract?
Language barriers sometime pose a challenge to parties that wish to use an agreement in California courts. Law firms that just want to review the documents to determine whether it will help them in court can probably just get a non-certified translation. The non-certified translation offers an idea of what the document is about and helps the lawyers figure out if a court-certified will help their position in court. If they review the non-certified translation of the contract and decide that it won’t help them in court, they won’t need a court-certified translation.

Court-Certified Translations at CACFTI
CACFTI provides an outstanding solution to the language problem of enterprises that operate internationally. Whether you are a law firm or any other entity that needs to have a legal document translated for legal purposes, we have your needs covered. We acknowledge that the contract you have signed in the Spanish language or any other foreign language would be of little value in U.S. courts unless they are accompanied by their certified translations. We rely on reliable translators to translate your contracts from Spanish to English. Our translators who have solid knowledge of legal terminology are ready to translate your contracts from Spanish to English so that you can present your case in court. Please scan and email a copy of your legal documents to for a quote. We look forward to speaking with you about our certified translations for courts. Please be sure to specify your deadline, if you have a court date scheduled.

Certified Translation of Italian Birth Certificates for US Immigration

Many people who were born in Italy and are in the process of completing an application for U.S. immigration often hear that they need certified translations for USCIS. Some might be working on a fiancé visa (K-1) while others might be completing an application for student visas (F-1). Immigrants can smoothly obtain a certified translation for a birth certificate or other personal documents that immigration authorities in the United States request if they find the right company. Organizations such as California Center for Translation & Interpretation that specialize in document translation and offer professional translations can typically translate and certify Italian-language birth certificates.

Immigration authorities require foreign-language documents to be accompanied by their certified English translations. The standard procedure is to obtain a copy of the original documents from the entities that issued them in your home country and send them to the translation services provider. You should also mention that you will be using the translations for US immigration.

Foreigners who are working on an immigration application can contact us regarding our professional translation services. We rely on experienced translators who are fluent in the source language as well as English to translate and certify your documents for USCIS. CACFTI stands for excellence and promptness. When it comes to the translation of documents for any purpose including immigration applications we do our best to achieve perfection. We translate and proofread documents before finalizing the certified translation.

We have translated many documents including birth certificates, divorce decrees, and marriage licenses for immigrants and immigration lawyers. You probably have to render our Italian translation services to truly understand why so many individuals and organizations rely on us for the certified translation of their documents. We know that Italians who are submitting an application to USCIS usually expect accurate translations of their Italian documents. A birth certificate, for example, is a very important document that many applicants submit with their other material. It contains their personal information such as first name, last name, date of birth, place of birth, and date of issuance. We support many other languages in addition to Italian.

Our translators who execute the translation of Italian birth certificates always make sure that their work is high-quality and accurate. Our translators who have wide experience in the translation of various types of documents from Italian to English are ready to assist you. They possess strong translation skills and have seen numerous birth certificates. When they finish translating a document for immigration applications they double check everything to make sure they did not miss anything. They are completely familiar with the language of birth certificates issued in Italy, and they exhibit their extensive knowledge in their translations. To get a quote for certified translations for USCIS, please scan and email your documents to We do not need the originals to prepare your translations.

How to Translate Academic Documents – International Students

When international applicants are in the process of sending their information to schools in the United States they often learn that they have to get their transcripts from their home country translated into English. Some colleges and universities review the translations while other institutions want the translated documents evaluated by a third party such as World Education Services. How they go about getting academic document translation or evaluation services is very important in the application process. In general, students from foreign countries should get in touch with a translator who has extensive experience with the translation of academic transcripts, degrees, and certificates. Professional translators who work for prestigious firms that offer certified translation services for international students often have handled the translation of many documents related to higher education. They can usually help international students learn how to get their academic documents translated for their school application.

Certified and Word-for-Word Translations for Academic Documents
Some educational institutions and credential evaluation companies require foreign-language documents to be translated “word-for-word” or “word-by-word”. This usually means that they do not want the grades or grade point averages converted or interpreted. They expect the English translation to reflect exactly what the non-English text says. Some organizations that offer licenses to individuals who were educated abroad also want their coursework and academic records translated word-by-word.

Our Approach to Academic Translations
CACFTI strives to exceed the expectation of international students who need to have their grade sheets and diplomas translated for admissions offices or credential evaluation firms. We have translated many types of documents from letters of recommendation to bank statements and transcripts for students who had earned a degree in their home country and were hoping to continue their education in the United States. To get a document translated from a major world language to English, please simply scan and email it to us. If the school you are applying to requires the original documents you can mail us everything you need to have translated.

Relying on the Best Academic Translators

We collaborate with linguists who consistently exhibit excellence in their works. We will assign your documents to a professional translator who specializes in academic translation services. Please be sure to provide the correct mailing address so we can mail you the hard copy. Some students who contact us about our certified academic translation service assume we know the schools’ mailing address. Each academic institution usually has its own requirements for foreign-language documents. Some schools allow their admissions office to review translations so they request that international applicants forward the translations to this office. However, other schools have their international students office review certified translations. Therefore, we ask you to provide us with the right address. Our translators possess impressive translation skills and have ample experience carrying out academic document translation services for students from overseas. Please email us your academic documents and any other file you need to apply to a college or university in the United States.