Certified Translation of Spanish Contracts for Courts

Who Needs Spanish Contracts Translated?
Businesses in California often form joint ventures with organizations in Latin America to increase efficiency in production or distribution. In order to ensure smoothness in their joint operations they often draft and sign contracts. Such legal documents can be used in court if one party breaches the terms and conditioned specified in the contract. Parties that plan to use foreign-language documents in CA court typically seek certified translations for courts to get the text translated into English. Individuals might also need to get a contract translated if, for instance, they lend money to a Spanish-speaking party and the borrower refuses to pay back the loan according to the provisions of the agreement. If the original loan agreement was in the Spanish language the lender can get it translated into English and present it in a court in the United States.

Who Can Translate Spanish Contracts for Courts?
Courts in the United States expect parties to get in touch with a translator who has the right qualifications to translate and certify foreign-language documents. They can only review the information presented in English. Translators who are court registered or certified can translate documents for courts. Once the translators are done with their translations they need to provide their signed certification so the courts can identify the translator.

Can I Get a Non-Certified Translation for a Spanish Contract?
Language barriers sometime pose a challenge to parties that wish to use an agreement in California courts. Law firms that just want to review the documents to determine whether it will help them in court can probably just get a non-certified translation. The non-certified translation offers an idea of what the document is about and helps the lawyers figure out if a court-certified will help their position in court. If they review the non-certified translation of the contract and decide that it won’t help them in court, they won’t need a court-certified translation.

Court-Certified Translations at CACFTI
CACFTI provides an outstanding solution to the language problem of enterprises that operate internationally. Whether you are a law firm or any other entity that needs to have a legal document translated for legal purposes, we have your needs covered. We acknowledge that the contract you have signed in the Spanish language or any other foreign language would be of little value in U.S. courts unless they are accompanied by their certified translations. We rely on reliable translators to translate your contracts from Spanish to English. Our translators who have solid knowledge of legal terminology are ready to translate your contracts from Spanish to English so that you can present your case in court. Please scan and email a copy of your legal documents to info@cacfti.com for a quote. We look forward to speaking with you about our certified translations for courts. Please be sure to specify your deadline, if you have a court date scheduled.

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