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Do I Need ATA Certified Translation for My Academic Documents?

International students who have completed college courses in their home country and are now in the process of applying to educational institutions in the United States often discover that they have to get a certified translation for their school transcripts. When they search for academic document translation services they are not sure whether they need a company certified translation or ATA certified translation. Some schools request ATA certified translations while other schools expect certified and notarized translations.

What is an ATA certified translation?
A translation that has been completed by a member of American Translators Association (ATA) and certified is an ATA certified translation. The organization certifies translators for certain language pairs. Some universities in California and other parts of the country require international applicants to seek the assistance of an ATA member for the translation of their foreign transcripts.

How do I know whether I need an ATA certified translation?
If you are an international applicant, you should gather some information about the school’s requirements for foreign language documents. Some schools accept translations completed by official companies. Such educational institutions collaborate with professional translators to deliver academic document translations for their applicants. Other institutions expect students to find their own service providers for ATA certified translations. Such translations are executed by translators who are members of American Translators Association. Yet, certain colleges require certified and notarized translations. This means that the translation is accompanied by the certification plus notary’s acknowledgement. Schools typically have a page on their website for international students. On this page they detail their requirements for international applicants. Individuals who are applying to various schools can look for this page on the organizations’ official website. Those who are unable to find that information online can contact the school’s office of international students and scholars or admissions office. Professionals who work in international admissions usually have that information. They will advise international candidates to get translations that they find acceptable.

Does CACFTI translate and certify academic documents?
Yes. CACFTI has translated many academic documents for international students. Our certified translations have gone to community colleges, graduate schools, and 4-year universities. We can translate documents issued by schools in various parts of the world including Egypt, Japan, Vietnam, Israel, Iran, Poland, Iran, and Romania. We can provide company certified translations as well as ATA certified translations. If you would like your translation to be notarized, please let us know in your email.

How do I get my academic records translated at CACFTI?
Our translators with wide experience in the translation of school transcripts, diplomas, student ID cards, and letters of recommendation for international students are ready to help you get a satisfactory translation. Please email your documents to if you are looking for certified translations for your school related documents. We would appreciate it if you could provide the details so that we know whether the school of your choice expects an ATA certified translation. We look forward to reviewing your academic documents and translating them into English. Please reach out to us with any questions about our academic document translation services. We will do our best to assist you with your translation needs.

The Best Translation Company in Los Angeles | CACFTI

Who wants the best translations?
Individuals who have high standards often want the best of everything. When they need important documents translated they look for translators with fine translation skills. In their search for a translator or a translation company in Los Angeles or any other location they try to find the best of the best. Translation companies that focus on improving their processes and clients’ experiences often earn a top position in the industry. They try to consistently deliver translations that look professional and read smoothly.

Where do the best translations come from?
The best translations commonly come from reputable companies that collaborate with sharp translators. Firms that deliver great translations typically have a database that lists translators by area of specialty. As such, they can maintain their consistent quality no matter what type of document they receive. When they receive a medical document, for example, they will search through their system for the most qualified translators who can handle the project. They find the best way to express the text in the target language and maintain the same tone and style.

What are some areas of expertise?
Medical translation: Medical translators are often familiar with terminology used in medicine and pharmaceuticals. They have experience in the field and can translate text related to the industry. They usually have degrees in medicine, have worked in a medical setting, or have extensive experience in medical translation.

Academic translation: Translators who specialize in academic translation often take excellent care of documents in their field. They have ample experience with the translation of diplomas, degrees, certificates, and transcripts. They rely on their extensive knowledge of academic translation to provide the best translations of school transcripts, high school diplomas, thesis papers, and student ID cards.

Legal translation: Those who want the best legal translations can seek the assistance of a firm that collaborates with professional legal translators. Such organizations usually have handled the translation of legal documents for law firms and are familiar with the specialized language used in legal text. Many translators who excel in the field of legal translation hold degrees in law or paralegal studies. They are fully comfortable translating legal documents such as agreements, patents, bylaws, wills, etc.

What makes CACFTI the best in the industry?
CACFTI has met the expectations of many people who were looking for the best translation company in Los Angeles. We have a large database of translators with various backgrounds and areas of expertise. Therefore, we can assist you regardless of the type of document you have. We have translated many medical, legal, and academic documents for clients in Los Angeles and other cities. We depend on a stringent procedure to select well-qualified translators to carry out the translation of your documents. Our translators are intelligent, reliable, experienced, and friendly. They are high achievers who aim to become and remain the best of the best in the industry. We strive to provide top-quality translations. We have a lot of satisfied clients. Our translators review each document carefully before they start working on it. If they need to conduct research to ensure accuracy they will do so. Our translators possess fine language skills and can translate documents with extreme attention to detail. We look forward to speak with you regarding the translation of your documents. Please email us your documents for a quote.

USCIS Certified Translations in a Few Steps

Certified Translations
A certified translation for USCIS or immigration purposes is a translation that has been completed by a professional translator who certifies that he/she is competent in the source and target languages. When we translate a document for USCIS, we certify it according to the rules of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Our translations can be used for visa applications. The translation of foreign-language documents is an important component of your application. Applicants who do not satisfy the requirement of immigration authorities for their translations might experience delays and/or rejections.

Whether you are applying for a K Visa, O Visa, or I Visa you have probably learned that you need to have certain documents translated into English. You might also have heard that the translation must be certified. If you are not sure what that means, do not worry! Leave the task to the experts. All you have to do is contact us and let us know that you are looking for USCIS compliant translations and we will take care of you. We are specialists in the field of translation. We have rich experience in the translation of documents for various purposes. Please send your documents to to get started.

Types of Translations
Certified translations used for US immigration: Translations that are submitted to USCIS have to be certified. We are fully knowledgeable of the rules of USCIS for certified translations. Our certification meets the requirements of immigration for certified translations. We have extensive experience translating documents for immigration law firms across the United States. We have also translated many foreign-language documents into English directly for immigrants and their families. We translate birth certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, medical records, criminal history records, and many other types of documents.

Certified translations used for courts: Translations that are used in courts need to meet the standards of the state’s judicial council. Our court-certified translations are executed by court-approved translators and bear our official stamp and seal. Courts have more stringent requirements than USCIS. We have translated many documents from foreign languages into English for lawyers and others who were planning to present our certified translations to courts. We can translate patents, emails, contracts, bylaws, non-disclosure agreements, deeds, wills, etc. for courts.

Certified translations used for the county recorder’s office: Translations that are submitted to the county recorder must be certified and notarized. The translator has to be a member of American Translators Association or registered with the courts. The county recorder’s office has a specific certification that the translator needs to complete and sign before a notary.

Summary of Steps to Getting a Certified Translation
-To get a certified translation, please find out what documents your application requires.
-Next, scan and email us the documents and specify the purpose of the translation.
-If you need the translation urgently, you can provide your exact deadline and we will let you know if we can accommodate.
-Once you have confirmed the project with our company, wait until we finish translating your documents. We usually email the first draft to our clients and prepare the certified copy after their approval.
-If you need the certified copy by email, please let us know. We will need the correct mailing address to mail the hard copy. We will be happy to mail a copy to you and a second copy to your immigration lawyer or another third party upon request. Please ask us about this option to learn more.

Single Document Translation
Some people have a single document for us while others need multiple documents to be translated into English for their immigration application. If you are in a hurry to get a single document translated for USCIS, please send it to us as soon as possible. We usually can provide very quick turnarounds for small projects. We might offer discounted rates for documents that are strikingly similar. If, for example, you have two birth certificates that are identical except for the name of the certificate holder, we might be able to offer a discounted rate on the second one. We are committed to exceeding your expectations regardless of the size of your projects. We work hard to ensure perfection in every task we undertake.

Languages We Support
We support many world languages including French, Farsi, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Romanian, Polish, Hebrew, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Greek, German, Arabic, and Dutch. Please contact us to find out whether we cover the language you have in mind. You can send emails to 7 days a week.

Common Types of Documents Submitted to USCIS
-Birth certificate -Marriage licenses
-Divorce decrees -Business plans
-Bank statements -Magazine articles

Other Things to Consider
Many individuals who are looking for USCIS certified translations often ask us whether they need to submit their original documents. In the past USCIS required original foreign language documents. More recently, they have changed the rules and accept copies.

You do not need to notarize the translations that you submit with your application. USCIS requires foreign-language documents to be accompanied by their certified translations. Notarization is not required.

We have no way of checking the mailing addresses of the recipient. Please make sure you are providing the correct mailing addresses and unit numbers (if applicable). If you are not sure what your lawyer’s address is, please double check with him/her before we mail the hard copy.

Translation of Chinese Documents | USCIS Translations

Foreigners who are applying for O-1 Visa are probably aware that they must have an extraordinary ability. They are often required to prepare documentations that point to their unique abilities. Individuals who come from China and have a special skill or ability might want to submit paperwork that demonstrates their accomplishments in their home country. Certified translation for USCIS is commonly necessary for foreigners who are preparing a visa application. People from China, for example, can translate any publications that discuss their ability. An athlete who has won national awards in China might wish to submit newspaper articles printed in Chinese that have covered this ceremony. Translators who possess excellent knowledge of Chinese and English can usually translate various types of text effectively.

CACFTI is a trusted provider of Chinese translation services. Our translators who translate documents for immigrants have extensive experience in the area of translation. They translate documents with great attention to detail. They do their best to capture the essence of the original document and convey the exact meaning of the original documents. They understand that professional translations are very important to immigrants who are working on visa applications. They carefully analyze the documents before translating the words into English. They recognize that the translations might play a significant role in the application process. Individuals who possess an extraordinary ability illustrated through foreign language documents want the translator to express in the translation.

We have translated many Chinese language documents for immigration purposes. We can translate text from Simplified and Traditional Chinese into English. You can send your documents issued in the Chinese language to us for prompt assistance. Please email us your documents and provide your deadline for a quote. In addition, let us know that the translation will be part of a visa application. We are highly experienced in the translation of foreign language documents into English for immigration purposes. Many please who have rendered professional translation services have found the experience pleasant. We have translated many documents for immigration law firms as well as other individuals who have used our certified translations for their visa application.

Whether you are applying for an O-1 Visa or any other type of visa we have your certified translation needs covered. You can send us publications or other documents required for immigration purposes. We are confident that you will be impressed with our certified translations. Our translations are USCIS compliant. Get in touch with us today to get certified translations for USCIS or any other organization that requires professional translation. We support Chinese as well as many other languages.

Certified Translation of Arabic Birth Certificate for U.S. Immigration

Individuals from Arabic-speaking countries who are working on a visa application are often looking for certified translations for USCIS. They are looking to get their personal documents such as birth certificates translated from Arabic to English. Translating a birth certificate for immigration applications is an important part of the process. Those who wish to get a USCIS complaint translation for their Arabic documents should make sure that the translation company they are reaching has experience in this area.

We have translated numerous documents from foreign languages into English for immigration attorneys and individuals who were working on a visa application. We are fully equipped with the knowledge and skill required for top-quality translations. Getting a certified translation from our firm can be a pleasant experience. Whether your documents come from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, or Saudi Arabia makes no difference. Our Arabic translators can translate regional forms of the language professionally. We can translate birth certificates and other documents issued in Baghdad, Beirut, Aleppo, Riyadh, and many others. Our translators who specialize in Arabic to English translations have translated many documents pertaining to immigration matters. They can quickly and accurately translate your documents.

If you are searching for Arabic translators to take care of your personal documents issued in your home country, please contact us. You will probably find our organization efficient and professional. We can provide a certified translation for your Arabic language birth certificates. We will also attach our certification so that you can submit the translation to immigration authorities. We understand that your name might appear differently in your legal documents so we let you have a look at the translation before we finalize it. You will have the opportunity to revise the spelling of names to match your other legal documents. Our clients often mention that they are trying to meet a specific deadline and ask about our turnaround. We have a strong sense of urgency at our company and always do our best to meet clients’ deadline. If that is the case for you, please let us know by when you will need the translations. You can send your scanned documents to for a quote and turnaround time. Join many immigration lawyers and other immigrants who have chosen CACFTI for their certified translation needs. We provide certified translations for USCIS and support many languages including Arabic. We make things simple for our clients. Many Arabic speakers trust us with the translation of their personal documents.