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Translation and Mode of Communication in the Entertainment Sector

Many TV networks with headquarters in Los Angeles work closely with foreign entities. They could have screenplay writers in non-English speaking countries who are working on pieces for them. In order to maintain clear communication with screenplay writers as well as studios in foreign countries they often rely on a translation company in LA because they do not have their own translator in-house. Communications that take place over email are usually the easiest for translators because they can review the text via email and translate the content for the client. They do not have to go through the hassle of coordinating a call with their client and the non-English speaking party. In addition, they avoid issues of time difference. The client can easily forward an email from a party in France, for example, to the translator.

Likewise, the French translator can quickly translate the email and send it back to the client. If TV networks need to speak with foreigners in real time, they can probably schedule a conference call. However, such calls sometimes create complications for all parties. The first issue is that the connections might be poor such that the translator has trouble hearing the parties who are speaking. Background noises, low volume, or bad connections can prevent the translator from clearly hearing and understanding the conversation. Moreover, it is going to be difficult for the client and the foreigner to remember everything that they have discussed. If they communicate over email they will have the translations to review in the future. They can keep the English translations on file in case they need to follow up.

In the entertainment industry it is common for organizations to start a professional relationship with entities in other countries so they should find out how they are going to tackle language issues. CACFTI can come to the assistance of entertainment firms in this city that deal with companies based in non-English speaking countries. We have identified their need for language translation when it comes to international transactions. Those that have purchased content from foreign studios and professionals in the industry who are in touch with writers in other countries often need to overcome language barriers. With the assistance of our translators we are sure they can communicate smoothly with non-English speakers. If you represent a TV station or a global network that is looking for a translation company in Los Angeles, please get in touch with us. We are interested in translating your screenplays and providing subtitling services for your videos.

Some Schools Expect Certified and Notarized Translations

Although large universities in the city of Angeles commonly receive a high number of applications from international students, sometimes their advisors fail to provide clear instructions to applicants who come from non-English speaking countries. They might leave out the details about academic document translation services because they assume students know that they need a certified translation. However, they leave applicants with many questions such as whether they have to get a certified translation notarized. They do not know what to ask when they contact a translation company. They will end up asking the representative what type of translation schools expect. The problem with this approach is that translation firms cannot comment on the requirement of schools in the United States.

Each educational institution has its own rules for foreign-language documents. Students from non-English speaking countries who are planning to stay and study in the United States should make an attempt to learn the requirement of the schools they are applying to for their academic documents. That way when they have submitted their documents to a translation company they can let them know what type of translation they need. Having this information will help the representative provide the right quote and service. Most companies charge a separate fee for notarization so clients who simply place an order for a certified English translation cannot expect the translations to be notarized as well. They would need to inform the representative that the translation has to be certified and notarized to receive the additional service. Preparing the supplementary documents is just as important to international students’ application as their performance in previous schools. Their academic excellence can mean very little if they fail to supply the right type of translation. In addition, the translator who executes the translation of academic records must keep the translation easy to follow and clear.

Such factors typically make the process go more smoothly. CACFTI sometimes receives requests for certified translations from international students who are not sure whether their foreign-language documents must also be notarized. We cannot offer advice about the type of translation you will need for your application. We usually refer unsure clients to the school’s counselors. Academic advisors who focus on assisting international students often can provide the proper information to applicants who are preparing supplementary documents. Once you have figured out which documents you would like us to translate and you have found out whether you have to submit a notarized translation, please contact us. You can rest assured that we will do our best to offer academic document translation services that will impress your intended audience.

Certified Translation of Foreign-Language Birth Certificate for Immigration

It is common for immigrants to seek certified translation for a birth certificate when they are working on a visa application. Companies that focus on certified translations for USCIS often assist foreigners who are interested in getting their personal documents translated. What foreigners must know is that they have to provide a translation that has been completed by a professional translator. Those who are working on a visa application must comply with the rules of immigration office to reduce their chance of rejection. Applications that are submitted without the English translation of the required documents are more likely to experience problems. They do not have to know all the details pertaining to certified translations. All they have to do is contact a translation firm that is familiar with the rules of immigration.

Such organizations often work closely with translators who specialize in the translation of personal documents. They understand that their obligation is to deliver translations that are 100% acceptable for immigration purposes. CACFTI is a dependable firm that handles document translation services for immigration department, courts, academic institutions, etc. We would like to be considered if you are looking for a certified translation service provider. We do our best to provide accurate translations. We even try to send our clients the translations before we prepare the final copy so that they have a chance to see and confirm translations. All the translations that we prepare for immigration matters come with our official stamp, seal, and certification. Since we have a large database of translators who specialize in various language combinations, we can help immigrants from many countries in Asia, Middle East, Latin America, and Europe. We can translate documents from Farsi, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Polish, Romanian, Portuguese, French, etc.

We have translated many birth certificates from foreign languages into English and are confident in our ability to translate your documents effectively. Our goal is to exceed your expectations so we provide high-quality translations with quick turnaround times. We encourage you to email us your documents for a quote. You can easily reach us by sending an email to our general inbox. We will assign your documents to experienced translators with solid skills in the language pairs you are looking for. Please reach out to us if you need certified translations for USCIS. We aim to exceed the expectation of clients who want to have the English translation of their birth certificates or other documents.