Certified Translation of Foreign-Language Birth Certificate for Immigration

It is common for immigrants to seek certified translation for a birth certificate when they are working on a visa application. Companies that focus on certified translations for USCIS often assist foreigners who are interested in getting their personal documents translated. What foreigners must know is that they have to provide a translation that has been completed by a professional translator. Those who are working on a visa application must comply with the rules of immigration office to reduce their chance of rejection. Applications that are submitted without the English translation of the required documents are more likely to experience problems. They do not have to know all the details pertaining to certified translations. All they have to do is contact a translation firm that is familiar with the rules of immigration.

Such organizations often work closely with translators who specialize in the translation of personal documents. They understand that their obligation is to deliver translations that are 100% acceptable for immigration purposes. CACFTI is a dependable firm that handles document translation services for immigration department, courts, academic institutions, etc. We would like to be considered if you are looking for a certified translation service provider. We do our best to provide accurate translations. We even try to send our clients the translations before we prepare the final copy so that they have a chance to see and confirm translations. All the translations that we prepare for immigration matters come with our official stamp, seal, and certification. Since we have a large database of translators who specialize in various language combinations, we can help immigrants from many countries in Asia, Middle East, Latin America, and Europe. We can translate documents from Farsi, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, Polish, Romanian, Portuguese, French, etc.

We have translated many birth certificates from foreign languages into English and are confident in our ability to translate your documents effectively. Our goal is to exceed your expectations so we provide high-quality translations with quick turnaround times. We encourage you to email us your documents for a quote. You can easily reach us by sending an email to our general inbox. We will assign your documents to experienced translators with solid skills in the language pairs you are looking for. Please reach out to us if you need certified translations for USCIS. We aim to exceed the expectation of clients who want to have the English translation of their birth certificates or other documents.

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