Certified Translation of Patents for Courts

Intellectual property lawyers in Silicon Valley often deal with many patent litigation cases. They sometimes handle cases that involve foreign countries. For example, a law firm in this region could be representing a Japanese company. A Japanese company that is looking to collect damages might soon find out from the lawyer that it will need certified translations for courts. Its Japanese-language patents along with other documents that are critical to the case cannot be submitted to courts without their English translations. They will need the assistance of an organization that is committed to delivering high-quality translations for courts. Translators who have executed the translation of various types of documents including lengthy ones can typically help foreign companies that are looking for professional translation services.

Such translators usually collaborate with reputable translation companies and provide top-quality services. Intellectual property lawyers in various parts of the country that are in the process of filing a patent infringement lawsuit on behalf of foreign entity should start thinking about a translation service provider. They will need to request a certified English translation for all the documents that they want to submit to the court. Many companies that specialize in certified document translation claim that they offer excellent translations. However, they rarely match our expertise in the area of document translation. We cover many languages including Japanese. CACFTI hopes to assist foreign companies that are taking an intellectual property violation case to courts in the United States. We offer certified translations that you can use in courts to present your best case. Our Japanese translators who have solid understanding of the language of patents and other legal documents are interested in translating the files you need to prepare your case.

We have experience translating both technical and legal documents. Therefore, we are confident that we can manage the translation of your documents effectively. If your IP attorney has asked you to get your patents translated for courts, you have nothing to worry about. You can simply contact us and let us know that you need translations that are acceptable for courts in California. Then we will be sure to assign the project to a translator whose translation will be recognized by courts. We will also attach a certification to the English translation and a copy of the original documents. You can get in touch with us to learn about court-certified translation services or ask about our regular and rush services. We are efficient and can handle certified translations for courts quickly and professionally.

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