As an International Student What Type of Translation Do I Need?

Visiting students who have brought a copy of their academic records to the United States might find out at some point that they have to submit their translations to an educational institution. In addition, they might learn that they have to get those documents translated into English. What type of translation should you get? The area of academic document translation services is often misunderstood among those on F-1 student visa because there are various types of translations out there. The first type of translation that companies typically offer is a non-certified translation. A non-certified translation is not attached to the translator’s certification. It is merely an official translation that is often used in certain cases such as email communication between businesses. The second kind of translation that international students might hear about is a certified translation.

This is the type of translation that most colleges and universities request. They want to see that the translator who performed the translation of the academic documents is fully bilingual and is capable of accurately translating text into English. This differs from a court-certified translation, which should be done by a translator who has passed the requirement of courts. Schools usually just want a certified translation so students from foreign countries do not have to worry about a certified translation for courts when it comes to applying to academic programs. Figuring out which type of translation your school requires can be confusing for students who have just arrived in the United States. One way to approach the issue is to contact an international student advisor or review the school’s website to find out what type of translation they need to submit. An academic translator with a strong background in the translation industry is often all you need.

CACFTI is ready to serve international students with a need for certified translation service. We have translated academic records and degrees for many students from non-English speaking countries. We are constantly looking for way to improve our academic translation services so that international students always receive top-quality translations. We understand that studying in a large city such as Los Angeles or San Francisco can be challenging so we do everything we can to make this part of your application go as smoothly as possible. We invite you to visit us online for additional information about our academic document translation services. You can also contact a representative to learn how you can get a certified translation for your transcripts and diplomas.

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