Translation of Shenasnameh/Iranian Birth Certificate for U.S. Immigration

Iranians who are working on a visa application often ask us whether the small booklet they have is equivalent to a birth certificate. Provinces in Iran issue a shenasnameh or birth certificate that contains multiple pages. This small booklet looks slightly different from the birth certificates that are issued in the United States. The first page includes a summary of the certificate holder’s personal information such as place of birth and parent’s first names. A page similar to the image on the side contains some notes for the certificate holder.

The second page has the information of the certificate holder’s spouse and children. The next page has space for notes and death information. The office of vital records uses this space to record any changes to the certificate holder’s name. For instance, if the card holder changed his last name the office of vital record mentions when the change was made and under which law.

Iranians who are looking for certified translations of their birth certificate for USCIS should submit all the pages of their shenasnameh. Some of our clients who are unfamiliar with the requirements of the immigration department only submit the first page of their birth certificate. They assume that the other pages are not relevant to their application. We usually explain that USCIS does not accept summaries or extracts. USCIS expects a complete translation of all the pages of the booklet.

CACFTI has translated many documents including birth certificates, marriage licenses, and divorce decrees from Farsi to English. We can also translate criminal history background checks and vaccination cards from foreign languages into English. We have ample experience in the translation of documents both from Persian to English and from English to Persian. Our translations are completed by professional translators who are committed to producing top-quality translations. We know exactly what your shenasnameh looks like. We have translated dozens of birth certificates for USCIS. We have translated official documents that were issued in Iran before the Islamic Revolution of 1979 as well as documents issued by the Islamic Republic of Iran. Recently the department of civil registration has started to print new national identification cards. We have also translated the new birth certificates.

You can rely on our company to get your personal documents translated into English and certified for immigration purposes. A lot of our clients use our certified translations for visa and green card applications. We have solid knowledge of the rules of the immigration department regarding foreign-language documents. Our translations follow the guidelines of immigration authorities. Our certified translations for USCIS are very popular among immigrants and Americans who are helping their families abroad obtain visas. If you would like to take advantage of our translation services for your Persian-language documents, please send all the pages to

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