Translation of Shenasnameh (Farsi Birth Certificate) for USCIS

Iranians who are looking to get their birth certificates translated in Los Angeles or other parts of the world usually want to know whether they have to get all the pages translated or the first page is sufficient. Many Iranians who contact us want to submit the certified translation of their birth certificate to USCIS. They are applying for a green card. We also hear from others who want to present their birth certificates to the DMV, a school, or an employer. We are familiar with the rules of immigration for foreign language documents and have translated dozens of documents from Farsi to English for immigration purposes. Our certified translations can be used for visa applications. They are completed by professional translators and meet the requirements of USCIS.

When it comes to the translation of foreign language documents for official use we are the experts. We have translated many documents including Farsi birth certificates into English for various purposes. A Persian birth certificate is called a “shenasnameh” and is in the form of a small booklet that resembles a passport. The cover page is dark red and has a few lines as well as the emblem of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The first page of a birth certificate from Iran contains the certificate holder’s basic information such as full name and date of birth. The certificate holder’s photo is affixed on the top right-hand corner. It also has the parents’ names, place of birth, and the place of issuance. The second page has the certificate holder’s marriage and divorce information. Individuals who have never been married have no handwritten text on this page of their birth certificate. However, since USCIS requires full birth certificates, we translate all the pages. The next page contains remarks such as information about the change of name. CACFTI is interested in translating your birth certificates and other personal documents from foreign languages into English.

If your birth certificate has been issued in a non-English speaking country and you are in the process of applying for a U.S. visa you are probably looking for certified translation services. Our translators who have translated many personal documents for immigrants and others can effectively handle the translation of your documents. We certify translations for immigration authorities so that your paperwork is USCIS compliant and acceptable. We have successfully translated Farsi and other foreign language birth certificates into English. Please get in touch with us about our translation services. Our company is based in Los Angeles and accepts clients from all over the world.
You can simply scan and email us a copy of your documents for a quote. If your birth certificate has multiple pages, please be sure to include all the pages. Our translators who are committed to delivering impeccable translations are ready to help you with the translation of your important documents. They have extensive experience in the translation industry and do their best to deliver high-quality translations. You can email your documents to for a quote. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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