Do Los Angeles Courts Accept Translations by CACFTI

California Center for Translation & Interpretation (CACFTI) can translate documents for courts in Los Angeles and other counties in the United States. We have translated many types of documents for many courts throughout the country. Many individuals who are new to the legal profession or experienced lawyers who had never used a foreign-language document in a Los Angeles court often ask us whether our certified translations for courts are good for their purposes. We have translated many documents for Los Angeles Superior Court and many other courts. The translations that we provide use in courts are certified by court-approved translators. We attach our official certification and stamp/seal all the pages.

Examples of the materials we translate for courts:

Legal documents
Our legal translators have ample experience in the translation of legal text from foreign languages to English. We have translated many legal documents for courts in Los Angeles County. We can translate contracts, disclaimers, corporate governance policies, declarations, bylaws, etc. Our translators possess advanced knowledge of law and legal terminology. They would be very happy to take on your projects.

Technical Documents
Are you in intellectual property lawyer who is planning to present a technical patent to a court in Los Angeles or any other part of the country? Do you work in the technology sector? Our translators who specialize in technical language can effectively handle the translation of your patents and other documents. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions about our technical document translations. We can translate your technical documents from many languages including Romanian, Polish, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic to English.

Medical Documents
We translate medical documents including medical reports, records, prescriptions, medical device manuals, and research papers. Our translators with a strong background in medicine and pharmaceuticals are available to translate your medical documents. We understand the importance of your medical documents in legal proceedings. We always do our best to use the right words to express the meaning of the original text. We can translate documents for hospitals, medical offices, research institutions, law firms, medical schools, non-profit organizations, etc.

Emails/Text Messages
We can translate email correspondences from English to foreign languages and vice versa. We can also translate text messages. If you are planning to use emails or texts in a lawsuit, you should definitely consider our services. We are committed to translating your emails and texts accurately so you can present your case in court.

Audio/Video Recordings
We can transcribe and/or translate audio/video recordings for courts. If you have voicemails, interviews, phone calls, presentations, etc. that you would like to use in court, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding our translation and transcription needs. Our translators who have been approved to translate documents for courts are ready to assist you. You can simply email all the pages that you need to submit to court to to get an estimate. Please be sure to mention that you need to use the translations in a court.

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