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Certified Translation of Birth Certificates from Iran

What is a shenasnameh?

A shenasmaneh or شناسنامه is an Iranian birth certificate that is issued by the department of national registration and statistics of each province in Iran. It looks like a small booklet. It is a type of document that many Iranians commonly submit to USCIS.

Who needs a certified translation of their birth certificate?

Every year USCIS receives applications for various types of visas. Individuals who hold a foreign-language birth certificate commonly learn that they have to get a certified translation for their personal documents. Many people who contact us about our certified translation services for visa applications are not familiar with the guideline of immigration authorities. They request a translation that is acceptable for immigration purposes. They sometimes ask for a “sworn”, “official”, or “legal” translation when they mean a “certified” translation. We have translated dozens of birth certificates and other documents for immigration law firms and others who have used our certified translations for their applications. We follow the guidelines of USCIS for our certified translations.

I am working on US visa applications. Can CACFTI help me with the translation of my Iranian birth certificate?
Yes, of course! We have translated many Farsi birth certificates into English for US visa and green card applications. We have extensive experience in the translation of vital records for US immigration. We guarantee that USCIS accepts our certified translations. We have translated birth certificates that were issued by the Imperial State of Iran before the Islamic Revolution of 1979 as well as birth certificates issued by the Islamic Republic of Iran after the revolution. We have also translated the new national ID cards that Iran has been issuing recently. Depending on when it was issued the first page of an Iranian birth certificate would look like one of the following images:

Does CACFTI notarize translations for USCIS?

For USCIS you only need a certified translation. You do NOT need a notarized translation. If you would like to have the translations notarized anyway, we will be happy to do so for an additional fee. Please mention that in your email so we can quote and include that in the order.

Can I submit my relatives’ birth certificates for translation or the birth certificate holder has to be present during the translation process?

You can scan or take a picture the birth certificate in question and email it to us. We do not require the birth certificate holder to email us his/her own document or drop it off at our office. The birth certificate holder does not have to be present while we translate the document. USCIS accepts photocopies of official documents.

How does CACFTI translate Iranian birth certificates for USCIS?
All of our translations are completed by professional translators and certified for USCIS. Translations that we complete for USCIS are prepared according to the guidelines of USCIS.

Difference between Iranian and Afghan birth certificates
Our translators can handle the translation of official documents issued in Iran and Afghanistan. Although the two countries share a border, they issue birth certificates that are completely different from each other. Birth certificates from Afghanistan provide information about the birth certificate holder’s height and eye color, something that Iranian birth certificates do not cover. Whereas an afghan birth certificate includes a section on the birth certificate holder’s father’s military service details, an Iranian birth certificate usually only mentions the father’s first name and birth certificate number. We have ample experience in the translation of birth certificates from Iran and Afghanistan. We look forward to having the opportunity to assist you too.

What if I need multiple documents including a divorce decree translated for US immigration?
Our translators who possess extensive experience with USCIS translations can translate multiple documents without any issues. Please email all the documents you need translated to for a quote. We look forward to assisting you with your certified translation needs.

I need help figuring out what documents need to be translated for my application. I also have questions about U.S. immigration laws. Can CACFTI help me?
While we are very happy to answer your questions about the translation process and translate your documents, we cannot provide legal advice or answer legal questions. We cannot comment on whether or not you will need a particular document translated for your application. Furthermore, we cannot comment on what parts of a document you need translated. Therefore, we suggest that you gather the proper information about the requirements of your application before contacting us. We do not recommend that you make guesses because you might end up providing the wrong documentation and delaying the process. Immigration lawyers can probably assist you with those questions. Once you have figured out what documents you need translated, please contact us.

What types of documents has CACFTI translated for USCIS?
We have translated various documents including divorce certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates, bank statements, diplomas, etc. Our translators who specialize in the translation of documents from foreign languages to English are interested in hearing from you if you need certified translations for immigration matters. Please get in touch with CACFTI if you need to have a birth certificate or any other document translated for your application. We can translate documents for all types of applications including family based visas, employment based, and extraordinary talent in business. Our translators are very professional and committed to delivering top-quality translations for each client. We are experts in Persian document translation. We invite you to join everyone else who has trusted our organization with the translation of their personal documents.

I am ready to have my birth certificate translated. How do I get started?
Awesome! We appreciate your interest. Please email your documents to If your document is for USCIS please mention “translation for USCIS” in the subject line or the body of the email so that we provide a quote for the right service.

Certified Farsi Translators & Interpreters

Are you searching for a professional Persian translator or interpreter? We are glad you found us.

When only the best will do, California Center for Translation & Interpretation is here for you!

  1. What do Farsi translators and interpreters do?
  2. Best Farsi translations by California Center for Translation & Interpretation
  3. Certified Persian translations for courts in California
  4. Certified translation of audio/video recording for courts
  5. Professional Farsi transcription and translation services
  6. What is the cost of Farsi translation services?
  7. ATA certified translations for official Persian documents
  8. Tip for Farsi to English translations
  9. Why CACFTI for your Farsi translation needs
  10. Getting in touch with us

Certified Farsi Translators

What do Farsi translators and interpreters do?

Farsi translators and interpreters bridge the language gap between Farsi speakers and the English speaking communities. In business context they usually translate contracts, business cards, non-disclosure agreements, etc. from Farsi to English for Farsi speaker that are trying to reach an English speaking audience. In the legal context, they translate and interpret for law offices and courts. In the medical field, they might translate lab reports, medical records, prescriptions, medical device user’s manual, etc. Likewise, English to Farsi translators remove language barriers for English speakers that intend to communicate with Farsi speakers. Persian Interpreters usually attend meetings, conferences, interviews, etc. Through consecutive and simultaneous interpretation they can facilitate verbal communications across the two cultures. They also interpret over the phone for cases that do not require face-to-face meetings.

Best Farsi translations by California Center for Translation & Interpretation

California Center for Translation & Interpretation relies on top performing specialists to complete the translation of Farsi documents. We have ample experience in the translation of Iranian and Afghan documents into English for universities, hospitals, law offices, USCIS, courts, etc. We can also translate your English into Farsi. Please get in touch with us if you are looking for the best English to Farsi and Farsi to English translations.

Certified Persian translations for courts in California

Courts in California have special requirements for foreign language documents. They expect material in Farsi or other foreign languages to be translated by a court approved translator and certified. Our Farsi court translators are perfect for documents that require extreme eye for details. They understand that accuracy is crucial in courts. They work diligently to ensure precision throughout the document. They also prepare their declaration in accordance with the requirements of the courts. Some examples of documents we can translate for courts:

-Birth certificates -Contracts
-Death certificates -Declarations
-Patents -Divorce decrees
-Emails -Wills

Certified translation of audio/video recording for courts

Translations of audio and video recordings for courts also have to be done by court approved translators and certified. We have extensive experience in the translation of recordings for courts. Please let us know if you are looking for translation services for a recording you intend for a legal proceeding.

Professional Farsi transcription and translation services

We can transcribe Farsi language audio and video recordings. If you want the dialogues in a movie, music video, documentary, interview, commercial, etc. to be transcribed and then translated into English please contact us. Our Farsi transcribers who are familiar with various dialects and accents across the Persian speaking world are ready to professionally transcribe your audio and video recordings. We can also translate the transcription into English. Timecoding is available upon request for an additional fee.

What is the cost of Farsi translation services?

The cost of Persian translations services depends on many factors including word count, content, deadline, etc. For transcription services the quality of the recording is also a factor that impacts pricing. To get a quote for your project, please email the material and your deadline to

ATA certified translations for official Persian documents

Are you looking for ATA (American Translators Association) translations for your Farsi documents? If so, please email us your documents and put “ATA translation” in the subject line of your email. Our translators who are members of ATA can effectively translate your documents from and into Farsi. We have translated documents for many organizations that require ATA translations. We are very interested in hearing from you if you need translations by ATA translators.

Tips for Farsi to English translations

If you are looking for Farsi to English translation services for your personal documents, please be prepared to provide the correct spelling of names and dates. For official uses the spellings of all names and dates in the translation have to match your other legal documents. We also suggest that you find out how many hard copies you need as soon as possible so we can deliver all the copies at once.

Why CACFTI for your Farsi translation needs

Cost. We offer a cost-effective solution for your Farsi translation, interpretation, and transcription needs. Our goal is to bring you the best Farsi translation services without breaking the bank! If you have a large project in mind, please ask us about our special prices for large projects.
Convenience. We have served many clients around the world. Our process is very convenient and efficient. We also offer excellent customer support for your convenience.

Expertise. Our Farsi translators possess extraordinary translation skills. They are true professionals who can handle simple and complex texts. We select translators with solid educational backgrounds and rich experience in the translation field to take care of your documents.

Speed. Our Farsi translators have vast experience in the industry. They can translate your documents very quickly without compromising quality. We can usually meet tight deadlines so if you have an urgent project, please ask us about our rush service.

Acceptance. We provide certified translations for USCIS. We have translated dozens of Persian language documents for USCIS with 100% acceptance rate. We have also translated many documents from foreign languages to English for various courts. Our court certified translations are prepared by court approved translators. Additionally, we have translated many documents for universities, lawyers, medical offices, accountants, real estate agents, the county recorder’s office, etc.

Getting in touch with us

Thank you for your interest in contacting us! Please email your documents to for a free quote.