Translation of HR Documents into Spanish

Why translate HR documents and forms into Spanish

Many organizations in Los Angeles and other cities that hire Spanish speakers often try to present their HR documents and forms in Spanish to make sure the new or existing employees clearly understand the expectations of the employers. Such employers might provide the documents in the Spanish language for legal protection. If the Spanish speakers do not speak English fluently and they violate the policies and guidelines, they can always claim they cannot be held responsible since they could not understand the text very well. We can translate HR documents and forms into Spanish for clients in various industries including education, law, medicine, and technology. If you have prepared your HR documents and forms in English and need to have them translated into Spanish, please get in touch with us.

Translation of HR documents into Latin American or European Spanish

We can translate documents for HR departments from English to Latin American Spanish for individuals and organizations that intend to use those translations in countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Argentina, and Chile. We can also provide English to European Spanish translation services for HR documents for clients that intend to submit the translations to European Spanish speakers. Our translators who are familiar with the European version of Spanish and have expertise in human resources are ready to assist you. If you need to have employment applications, resumes, training manuals, and/or employee handbooks translated from English to either Latin American or European Spanish, please reach out to us. We would love to have the opportunity to assist you.

Translating HR documents into Spanish for law firms in Los Angeles

Lawyers who specialize in labor and employment law in Los Angeles often help their clients draft documents for their human resources department. If the clients intend to provide the material to Spanish speakers, law offices commonly suggest that they get a Spanish translation that they can submit to the Spanish speakers. The reason employment lawyers often recommend that their clients provide a copy of the original and a Spanish translation to native Spanish speaking employees is that in case legal issues arise the employer can claim their policies and expectations were communicated clearly in the Spanish language. Law offices are commonly aware that the best way to reduce the chance of miscommunication and legal issues is to provide a Spanish translation to Spanish speaking applicants and employees. CACFTI is based in Los Angeles and can translate HR documents for law firms.

Translation of HR documents into Spanish by CACFTI

California Center for Translation & Interpretation (CACFTI) offers professional translation of HR documents from English to Spanish. We can translate such documents for the human resources department of companies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, employment law firms, and medical offices. Please contact us if you are looking for English to Spanish translation services for a document in the field of human resources. You can depend on our team of experts who have extensive experience in the translation of HR documents into Latin American and European Spanish for the translation of important documents.