Polish to English Translation for USCIS

Translation of Official Documents from Poland for USCIS

If you are from Poland and planning to complete an application on https://www.uscis.gov/, you might need to submit a copy of your official documents plus their certified English translations. It is critical to render the services of a professional translator who is fluent in both English and Polish and is familiar with the guidelines of USCIS pertaining to certified translations. You can rely on our team of experts who have rich experience in the translation of documents from Polish to English. We can translate your official documents issued by the civil registry office of Warsaw, Krakow, or any other city in Poland. We can also translate official transcripts and academic degrees from educational institutions in the Republic of Poland. Many individuals who are applying for a student visa need to have their academic documents translated into English.

Translation of Medical Documents from Polish to English

Are you traveling from Poland to the United States, seeking a medical procedure or surgery? We can cover your medical translation needs. Our Polish to English translators who focus on the translation of medical documents can translate your medical history, vaccination records, prescriptions, bills, etc. If your doctor, surgeon, or any other medical professional has requested a copy of your Polish language documents plus their certified English translations, please get in touch with us. Our medical translators who specialize in Polish to English translations can assist you. They understand the importance of accuracy of translations in medical tourism.

Professional Translation of Legal Documents from Polish to English

Depending on the nature of your application and case USCIS might ask you for the translation of your legal documents. For example, if you have a child custody agreement from a court in Poland you might need to have that translated into English and certified to show immigration authorities that you have full custody of your child. Likewise, you might need to have a land titles and/or bank statements from Poland translated into English to show the value of your assets and your ability to financially support yourself in the United States. California Center for Translation & Interpretation provides high quality translations for Polish language documents. We can translate your legal documents for USCIS purposes.

Pros and Cons of Getting Certified Translations for Polish Documents


-A certified translation can be used for most official purposes such as green card applications. If you need to translate a Polish document into English, please get in touch with us and request a certified translation for USCIS.
-Since the translation comes with a certification you can be sure that it was completed by a professional translator and can be used for entities that have requested a certified translation. You cannot submit a non-certified translation of a Polish language document to entities that have asked for a certified translation.


-A certified translation might be a bit more expensive than a non-certified translation because it comes with a certification and can be used for official purposes. Therefore, if your recipient does not require a certified translation you might end up paying more for a service that you do not need. If you need a certified English translation for a Polish text, please contact us.
-A certified translation might not be sufficient for your purposes. You have to make sure you send us your specific requirements if your recipients has provided them. You might assume that is what you need and experience issues later on.

Key takeaways

-For USCIS you will need a certified translation.
-We do not need the original documents. You can email us a copy.
-Our quotes depend on many factors. The best way to get a price quote is to email us the documents plus your deadline.

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We are very thrilled that you have decided to go with our services! Our goal is to exceed your expectations. With our extensive experience in Polish to English translations and team of experts who have handled various types of projects, we are ready to help you. Please email your Polish language documents to info@cacfti.com for a quote. We have translated many documents from Polish to English for various purposes including USCIS. We look forward to having the opportunity to assist you too.

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