The Format of Certified Translations for USCIS

When we prepare a certified translation for USCIS ( we make sure that the document follows the guidelines of immigration. There is a specific format that we have to adhere to in order to prevent issues for our clients. Translations that are properly executed may help speed up the process. Applicants won’t have to worry about resubmitting their application with an updated version of your translation. When it comes to translations for immigration purposes one must seek the services of companies that provide certified translations for USCIS and have a lot of happy clients. We have translated many documents for clients who needed certified document translation for immigration purposes. Our translators have translated birth certificates, marriage licenses, ID cards, police clearance forms, etc.

We have translated many types of documents from foreign languages into English. We frequently receive positive feedback about the impressive quality of our translations and clear formatting. Our goal is to become the leading provider of certified translation services. We try very hard to satisfy our clients who are looking for the certified translation of their documents. All of our translations go through our quality assurance process before they are delivered to the client. CACFTI is the company in Los Angeles that everyone talks about when they discuss top-quality translations for immigration purposes. Our team of skilled translators and detail-oriented proofreaders are ready to serve anyone who is looking for a certified translation. Our translations are always formatted because they look more organized and are easier to follow for the reader. We understand that nobody wants their application rejected due to the quality of the translation or improper formatting. We assign your projects to experienced translators who are committed to completing accurate translations.

Once the translation is ready a proofreader will review the translated documents and format it. We usually send the digital copy to the client to make sure we have the right spellings of names. Next, we certify the translation and attach our certification on top. The originals are often placed on top of the translations. The USCIS expects certified translations to comply with the requirements it has posted on its official website. We constantly monitor this website and keep up with the most recent changes to the rules. Individuals who want certified translations for USCIS can bet on our services for the translation of their personal documents. We hope to speak with you if you are searching for a company based in LA for the translation of your documents for an immigration application.

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