The Translation of Court Documents

In Californian courts only English-language documents are considered. Parties with foreign-language documents should be aware that they won’t get to present paperwork in any other language. Companies like California Center for Translation & Interpretation come to the assistance of individuals who want to submit a foreign-language document to a court. Delivering court-certified translations is one of our strengths, and we always put our best efforts into translating documents for CA courts. If you want certified translations for courts, and you have no idea where to begin that is OK. You can rely on our expertise to help you overcome language barriers in the legal system. We are equipped with knowledge of the legal field and have translated documents for many lawyers.

We understand that every piece of evidence you submit to courts will matter to your case. As a result, we work with detail-oriented and professional translators who consider accuracy crucial. They will examine the text and rewrite the words in the target language. They will translate the original document for courts in California with the target audience in mind. Their work is always professionally done and submitted to a proofreader. We aim to prepare impeccable translations so we consider proofreading and editing just as significant as translation. We stamp and seal the translated documents and attach all the pages to the translator’s certification. This final step is required by courts because it informs them that the translator is fully capable of translating from the source language to English. The translation of court documents is not something anyone can perform. The translators who take such projects must meet certain requirements. We are a rapidly expanding translation company based in Los Angeles.

Our court-certified translations can be submitted to any court in the state of California. We look forward to translating any document that you are planning to take to court with you. We can send you a copy of the translation for your own records in addition to one you can present to your lawyer. Sometimes attorneys prefer to review the translations before they appear in courts. Please get in touch with us if you are looking for court-certified translations. We can translate documents from various languages into English so that you can submit them to courts. There is no better organization than CACFTI that offers certified translations for courts. You can get a quote for the translation of any document by emailing us a digital copy.

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