What Is a Certified Translation?

Individuals who contact us regarding our certified translation services often ask what is meant by a “certified translation”. Some have heard from the school they are applying to that they need to search for academic document translation services, but they have a vague understanding about its meaning. They wonder what distinguishes a certified translation from a non-certified one. Furthermore, they ask whether a certified translation must be notarized too. A certified translation is not the same thing as a notarized translation. A certified translation is executed by an experienced translator who is competent in the source and target languages. A notarized translation, on the other hand, is one that is translated by a professional translator and signed in front of a notary public. Students from foreign countries who are planning to send their paperwork obtained in their home country to a U.S school can rely on our organization for the certified translation of their academic documents.

We are fully comfortable providing certified translations for academic documents because we have a lot of experience translating documents for individuals who wanted a certified translation. Our translators have translated many documents for international students. They possess an in-depth knowledge of the terminology used in academic documents. They are ready to serve you top-quality translation services. We keep up with the requirement of educational institutions regarding foreign language documents. Most of them expect translations to be certified and attached to a copy of the original. We certify diplomas and transcripts along with any other document that international students submit to us. We will also attach a copy of the foreign-language document to the translation. A certified translation is one that is prepared by a professional translator and attached to his/her certification. In their declaration the translators state that they are fluent in the pair languages in question and that they have translated the document to the best of their knowledge.

We follow the guidelines for certified translations such that our translations can be presented to colleges and universities in the United States. We stamp and seal the translations so the school representative can tell the translation was completed by our company. We encourage you to visit our homepage and inner pages to learn more about our certified translations for transcripts and diplomas. You can reach out to us with questions about our academic document translation services. A specialist will try to assist you. You can scan and email us your academic records and certificates for a quote.

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