Italian to English Translation for USCIS

Translation of academic documents from Italian to English

Individuals who are applying for a student visa might need to have their academic documents translated into English. If you took courses in Italy or obtained a degree from a school in Italy and need to have your academic documents translated into English for USCIS, please reach out to us. We can translate your school transcripts, certificates, syllabi, degrees, and research papers from Italian to English for F-1 visas. Our translators who focus on academic translations are ready to assist you. They have ample experience in the field of academic document translation. They have translated many documents issued by Italian schools and educational institutions. We carefully review your documents and translate the Italian text into English to the best of our ability. Whether you hold a degree from an art school, technical college, or music academy in Italy makes no difference. We can help you.

Certified translation of vital records from Italian into English

USCIS often requires a copy of vital records to process visa applications. Vital records matter in the application process because they help verify the applicants’ personal information. If you are working on a visa application and you hold your vital records in the Italian language, please contact us. We can translate birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, and death certificates from Italian to English. We have translated many documents for immigration law firms and would love to have the opportunity to assist you too. We have provided certified translations for many vital records issued by Italian authorities.

Official translation of financial documents from Italian to English

Financial documents including balance sheets, tax returns, paystubs, and bank statements often contain specialized language. USCIS might ask for the translation of applicants’ financial documents to make sure after they move to the US they can financially support themselves. A translator who is working on the translation of a financial document from Italian to English needs to be familiar with financial terminology in both languages. We have extensive experience translating financial documents into English for USCIS. If you are looking for Italian to English translation services for a financial document, please get in touch with us.

Professional translation of legal documents from Italian to English for US immigration

Our legal translators who specialize in Italian to English translations can translate various types of documents including court orders, divorce decrees, power of attorney, business contracts, child custody agreements, etc. They possess advanced knowledge of legal language and can effectively translate your documents from Italian to English. We understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to legal translations. The translator has to be fluent in both Italian and English and possess advanced knowledge of legal jargon. If you need to have your legal documents translated from the Italian language to English, please get in touch with us.

Translation of official documents from English to Italian

Are you planning to travel to Milan, Rome, or Florence? Do you intend to study abroad in Italy? We can translate the official documents you need to travel to or study in Italy. We can also translate medical documents from English to Italian for individuals who intend to travel to Italy for medical tourism purposes. Our translators who have extensive experience in English to Italian translations can assist you. If you are looking for English to Italian translation services by professional translators, please contact us.

Italian to English translations for USCIS by CACFTI

California Center for Translation & Interpretation has translated many documents from Italian to English. We can provide certified translations of Italian documents for USCIS and many other purposes. If you need to have a certified English translation for an Italian language document, please reach out to us. We have extensive experience providing certified translations for various types of documents. Please email us your Italian language documents for a quote.