English Translation of Birth Certificate for USCIS

For a green card application people often find out that they need a certified translation of their birth certificate. The entity that handles immigration matters in the United States will only accept documents that are in English or accompanied by their translations. Individuals who were born in non-English speaking countries can submit their document to a company that specializes in certified translations for USCIS. A birth certificate is an important document that establishes one’s identity and serves as a proof of the card holder’s nationality and age. Therefore, individuals who are submitting a copy of their birth certificate to immigration authorities should take the translation of this document very seriously.

Translations that do not reflect the true meaning of the original document can have undesirable consequences for the green card applicant. Foreigners who need the certified English translation of their personal documents should only consider professional translators. Firms with experience in translating birth certificates for green card applications commonly cover various languages because they receive inquiries from a diverse client base. They are also aware that they need to attach their certification to the translation and a copy of the document in the original language. Immigration lawyers who ask their clients to supply a copy of their birth certificate typically emphasize that the translations have to be attached to a copy of the original document. In addition, they request the translator’s declaration.

CACFTI is a translation company with office in Los Angeles that offers professional translation services. Its translators possess strong translation skills and solid knowledge of English. CACFTI’s goal is to become the number one provider of certified translation services for immigration related documents. We are trying to achieve this objective by collaborating with the industry’s best translators. Our translators have impressive language skills and can translate your documents from the source language to English. We have translated many documents including birth certificates, ID cards, marriage licenses, and divorce decrees for individuals who were submitting a green card application to USCIS. We keep up with the latest changes in the rules for foreign language documents. We look forward to speaking with you about the certified translation of your documents. We support many languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Farsi, Arabic, Polish, and Romanian. Please let us know if you have questions about our official translation services for visa applications. We deliver high-quality certified translations for USCIS. We are sure that you will be impressed with our services.

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