Certified Translation of Academic Records in LA

Companies in Los Angeles that serve the needs of international students often receive requests about their academic document translation services because U.S. schools require certified translations of foreign-language documents. In order to accommodate the needs of students from non-English speaking countries they add academic translators to their team. Many schools in the city receive applicants from candidates who have completed a degree abroad and are interested n pursuing higher education in the United States. They would have a difficult time processing such applications if they could not remove language barriers.

Admissions officers could not determine what courses such applicants have taken in their home country and whether their degree is equivalent to the one earned here. Professional translators who translate documents for international students play a significant role in the admissions process. They translate documents from foreign languages into English so that professionals in the education industry can examine academic records of international applicants and make a decision. Experienced translators in LA as well as those in other cities throughout the country understand the importance of certified translations in the application process. They consistently provide high-quality translations that international students can present to the schools they are applying to. They pay close attention to details because they strive to deliver accurate translations of each document. Schools often want to see the grades, course titles, descriptions, units/hours, and date of graduation. Some schools expect the degree’s date to be recent. In such cases the translator has to make sure to translate the dates correctly.

Academic translators who have rich experience in the industry keep this point in mind and double check their work before submitting it to the client. They do their best to translate the text from a foreign language into English. CACFTI translates diplomas and transcripts in addition to other documents that international students need in order to apply to colleges and universities in the United States. We have translators who are experts in the field of academic translation service and ready to help international applicants with their documents. We request that you send us your documents and let us know by when you want to have the translated documents. We are always trying to meet our clients’ deadlines so we will do our best to translate the documents before you have to submit your application. Please contact us about our academic document translation services if you are looking for additional information about how you can get started. A representative will help you.

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