Court-Certified Translation of Patents

Patent infringement cases that involve a foreign entity often are complex due to language barriers. Parties in the United States that file a lawsuit for the violation of patents issued in a non-English language will have to seek certified translations for courts. The documents that the representing lawyers will present to federal courts must be in English or attached to their English translations. Patent translators with rich experience in the industry typically have handled large volumes because intellectual property documents are lengthy. They have refined their skills because they have translated patents for clients in various sectors. Translators who collaborate with intellectual property lawyers often receive patents and other technical documents that will be used in a courtroom. They understand that the translation must be accurate and capture the true meaning of the original document.

In such lawsuits a word or two might make a significant difference in the outcome of the case. Although the patent itself might have hundreds of pages, the translator cannot lose accuracy in any part of the document. Professional translators always keep this point in mind when they start a patent translation project. They aim to deliver translations that help the judges fairly evaluate the case and make a ruling. They translate the documents to the best of their ability and finalize their work by editing it before sending it to their client. Translation of patents is something that can only be left to true professionals. Such documents are often technical and dense. The translator needs to be committed to high-quality translations to deliver satisfactory work. Many companies in Los Angeles focus on the translation of patents for local law offices.

CACFTI is one such company. It maintains a list of professional translators who execute top-quality translations for patents, licensing agreements, and other legal documents. We have selected the finest translators to translate documents for our valued clients. We understand that patent litigation cases are complicated and stressful for the defendant, the plaintiff, and all the other parties involved. As a result, we always complete our quality assurance procedure to present you with flawless translations. We are interested in hearing from you if you are taking an intellectual property matter to a court in the United States and would like to have a document translated into English. No company will match our expertise in the area of certified translations for courts. We hope you consider us if you are looking for court-certified translations.

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