Do I Need a Certified Translation for My Academic Documents?

International students who are preparing their application for the fall semester at a college in Los Angeles or other cities in the United States often wonder whether they need a certified translation or non-certified translations will serve their purposes. Some applicants have conducted their research and looked into the requirements of the programs they are interested in and know that they have to provide a certified translation of their academic documents.

They seek academic document translation services when they contact us. They ask questions such as what our turnaround time for the translation of school transcripts is. They might even ask whether we can send the hard copies directly to the admissions office. They ask whether we have translated academic documents for Santa Monica College or other local schools. Such individuals know that they need a certified translation of their diplomas and academic records. Some schools require a certified and notarized translation. We have translated, certified, and notarized foreign-language documents for many universities. In some cases international applicants ask for our suggestion.

While we can tell them from our experience that most foreigners get a certified translation we cannot guarantee that they won’t need notarization. Since each case is unique, the applicants should try to gather information from the school to which they are applying. Academic advisors are usually available to answer international applicants’ questions. In addition, most schools have posted specific instructions for international applicants on their website. We have solid experience in the translation of school related documents from foreign languages to English. We can translate diplomas, student ID cards, certificates, and other academic documents from foreign languages to English. We have translated and certified many documents for international students. We have experience translating documents printed in various languages.

We have translated documents from French, Polish, Romanian, Farsi, Arabic, Spanish and many other languages. We invite you to visit us online for more information about our professional translation services for academic documents. We hope that you choose CACFTI for all of your document translation needs. When you contact us you can expect prompt service and accurate translations. We strive to provide high-quality translations every time. We are glad that you have selected to study abroad in the United States. We are confident that like many other international students you will enjoy the experience. Please contact us about our academic document translation services if you are applying to an educational institution that requires a certified translation. Our translations will be attached to our declaration and bear our official seal and stamp.

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