Certified Translation in Los Angeles CACFTI

Lawyers in Los Angeles that specialize in estate planning sometimes submit orders to the Probate Department of Los Angeles Superior Court and send the certified copies to authorities in other countries. Documents that are sent to officials in other countries are usually accompanied by an apostille. An order appointing guardian, for instance, might be one type of document that is presented to courts and authorities in foreign countries. Such documents have to be translated into the local language. A court order going to an entity in Mexico, let us assume, would need to be translated into Spanish. The best translators for these types of tasks are those who have extensive experience in the translation industry and knowledge of the foreign country’s culture.

Professional translators who have worked for reputable companies in various parts of the country such as California are typically familiar with the process. They consider orders important documents that must be translated accurately and on a timely manner. A legal translator who has solid knowledge of the language used in court orders and is fluent in both English and Spanish can probably carry out high-quality translations. Lawyers who are planning to send the translation to multiple Spanish-speaking countries can ask their service provider whether the translation will be appropriate for all the countries they have in mind. Individuals who inform the translator that the translation will be used in various Spanish-speaking territories might receive neutral Spanish, which is understood throughout Latin America. Translation companies that offer certified translation services usually have translated legal documents including court orders.

CACFTI is your number one service provider for certified translations. We have translated various documents for individuals and companies in LA. We have translated legal documents from Spanish and many other languages into English. Our list of clients includes lawyers and other professionals who work in the legal industry. We have translated documents from English into foreign languages and vice versa. Whether you work for an estate planning lawyer or an attorney who practices immigration law we have your needs covered. We are confident that our certified translations meet your expectations. We enforce stringent quality standards to make sure that every client receives nothing but the best translations. You can email us your documents if you cannot come to our location. We look forward to translating the documents you need to submit to a non-English speaking party. Please contact us for further information about our professional translation services.

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