Translating Spanish-Language Contracts for Courts

Spanish-language contracts do not only come from Spanish-speaking countries. Immigrants who speak Spanish as their first language and live in a city in the United States such as San Diego typically prefer to review and sign binding agreements in their native language. They either draft their own contact or ask a third party that speaks Spanish to write the content. Certified translations for courts allow such parties to present their contracts in an American court. Without the assistance of translators who are registered or certified by courts how else could they submit their foreign-language documents to a court in San Diego or any other city in the country?

Translators who specialize in the translation of documents from foreign languages into English and are qualified to translate for courts can assist individuals who need to submit a non-English language document to a court. A type of document can be a buy-sell contract between a seller and a buyer who speak Spanish only. It might outline the terms of the transfer and details about intellectual property rights with regards to using the name and logo of the existing business. In addition, it could mention the address of the business in question. The translator who performs the translation of such documents should keep in mind that the information must be accurate translated. The address must be exactly the same as the original document because the court needs to know where the establishment is situated. The location of the business might prove to be an important piece of information in the case at hand.

Translators should also review each term, try their best to understand the meaning with the cultural context, and translate it to English. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the exact message of a term if the translator does not review all the parts before translating them. Our translators who have ample experience in the field are aware of issues that may arise if they do not take the entire text into account before starting to translate the text.

CACFTI relies on experienced legal translators to execute the translation of contracts. We understand that words have a specific meaning in each context. We review the text carefully to determine the exact meaning of terms and sentences. Please send us your documents for a quote. Our translators who are approved to translate documents for courts are ready to assist you. Please ask us about our certified translations for courts. We look forward to hearing from you. We try very hard to deliver impressive translations for your legal documents.

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