Court Certified Translator for Spanish Agreements

Law offices in Los Angeles and the legal departments of companies that work on cases involving Spanish language agreements often seek court-certified translation services. They understand that they have to submit a copy of the agreement along with an English translation that a court approved translator has prepared and certified. They rely on court-certified Spanish translators to prepare an accurate translation of their documents. Court approved translators enable plaintiffs, witnesses, and defendants to use foreign-language documents in the United States for legal purposes.

Do I Need Certified Spanish Translators?
Spanish-speakers who have signed a document in their native language and now are ready to take a matter to court in LA or other cities in the country have to remove language barriers. They can get in touch with a certified Spanish translator to get a translation that courts accept. Some attorneys have presented foreign-language documents to courts in the past and know exactly how the process works. Others might search for a service provider and ask for general information because they have no idea how it works. California Center for Translation & Interpretation has assisted many lawyers with their document translation needs. If you are new to this, you have nothing to worry about. We will take care of your documents very professionally. If you are going to submit a Spanish-language document to a court in the United States, you need a certified translation. Please contact us for prompt assistance.

Certified Spanish to English Translations for Law Firms

Parties that sign contracts in a foreign language such as Spanish can still be sued in the United States if they breach the terms of the agreements. Many lawyers throughout the country assist parties that believe defendants failed to live up to the terms of the contract they signed even if the document was drafted in a foreign language. They commonly work with a translation company that offers certified translations of documents for courts. CACFTI specializes in the translation of legal documents and can provide translations completed by court approved translators. We have translated dozens of legal documents from foreign languages including Spanish to English for courts.

We are familiar with the requirements of the state courts for foreign language documents. Many lawyers, paralegals, and legal assistants contact us about our certified translations for courts. We can also assist litigation support teams that collaborate with attorneys. We understand that the documents you present to us for translation are extremely important and relevant to the case at hand. We do our best to capture the exact meaning of the original document so that you can use it in court.

What Happens Once I Send You My Spanish Document?
When you send us a copy of an agreement in Spanish, we review the text and provide a quote. You can let us know how you would like to make your payment. Once the job is confirmed with us, we try to decide which translator has the background and skill required to translate that type of text. Agreements can be about the purchase or sale of a property, the distribution of a product, a merger, personal loans, etc. Therefore, the translator who executes the translation of your agreement has to know the terminology related to the subject matter of the contract. We can translate many types of contracts from Spanish to English for courts.

Getting Court Certified Translations at CACFTI
If you work at a law office or you intend to represent yourself in court and would like to get a document translated from Spanish to English for legal purposes, please reach out to us. Our Spanish translators who have rich experience in the translation of documents from Latin America and Spain are interested in helping you overcome language barriers in courts. Please let us know if you are looking for court-certified translations for the Los Angeles superior court or other courts in the United States. We have translated various types of documents for lawyers and others who have presented our translations in courts. Thank you for trusting us with the translation of your legal documents! You can send your documents to for a quote. We look forward to speaking with you about your legal translation needs.

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