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USCIS Certified Translation: Spanish Documents

Certified translation for Spanish language birth certificates
Every year a number of immigrants from Spanish speaking countries including Mexico submit applications to USCIS. Applicants usually provide the certified translation of their personal documents. A birth certificate is a common type of document that many applicants submit with their other supplementary materials. In such cases applicants look for certified translations for USCIS and provide the official translation of their personal documents along with the other components of their application. It is important to meet the requirements of USCIS for foreign language documents to avoid rejections and delays. A birth certificate can also be translated from Spanish to English for other purposes. For example, a lawyer who specializes in will and probate law and is assisting a client from a Spanish-speaking country might need his client’s birth certificate translated for probate court. The birth certificate shows the full legal name of the individual who is the beneficiary of assets and in some cases their kinship with the deceased. Some individuals might need the certified translation of their personal documents for educational purposes. They might need to submit the translation of their birth certificate and academic transcripts and diplomas to a university’s admissions office.

Translation of Mexican marriage licenses and certificates for USCIS
We have translated many marriage certificates from Mexico for USCIS. Our Spanish translators who specialize in the translation of official documents are ready to assist you with the translation of your marriage licenses. We can help you with the certified translation of your Spanish language documents from Mexico. Please email your Mexican marriage license to for a quote.

Translating divorce decrees from Latin America for US Immigration
The translation of divorce papers from Latin America requires the attention and skill of a legal translator who has extensive experience in the translation of similar documents. Divorce certificates and decrees often contain complex terminologies related to the legal obligations of the wife and husband. The court judgment, the custody arrangement, and all the other information have to be translated accurately and professionally. We have translated many legal documents for courts and USCIS. We can help you too!

Professional translation of medical documents for B-2 Visa
B-2 visa is issued for individuals who are seeking medical treatment in the United States. If you need to have your medical records translated into English for a B-2 visa application, please get in touch with us. Our translators are ready to help you with your medical and pharmaceutical translation needs.

Spanish to English translations by top translators
California Center for Translation & Interpretation collaborates with top Spanish to English translators to bring you excellent translations. Our translators possess impressive translation skills and are committed to delivering error-free translations. If you are searching for professional translators who are in the top of the industry for the translation of your Spanish language documents, please get in touch with us. Our translators are true experts who have translated dozens of documents from Spanish to English.

Getting a certified Spanish to English translation at CACFTI
When you contact us about the translation of a document, please be clear about the purpose of the translation. We need this information to provide a quote for the right service. If you only need a non-certified copy emailed to you, please let us know that too. In general, the certification that we prepare for immigration purposes is different from the one that we use for courts. We have translated many documents including birth certificates and medical records from Spanish to English. We can translate official documents from any Spanish-speaking county including Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, and Mexico. We are experts in the art and science of Spanish to English translation. We have extensive experience in the translation of documents from Latin American and European Spanish to English. We can translate birth certificates issued in your home country for immigration applications, educational institutions, courts, etc.

Our translators who specialize in the translation of personal documents from foreign languages into English are available to execute the translation of your personal, medical, academic, and legal documents. If you are working on a visa application and looking for professional translations for immigration purposes, please get in touch with us. We are certain that you will find our services convenient and high-quality. Many immigration lawyers and others who were seeking certified translations for USCIS have contacted us. We hope that you consider us for your translation needs. You can scan and email your Spanish language birth certificates to no matter where you are.