Translation of Diplomas and School Transcripts

Our academic translators thrive in a fast-paced environment. They can handle the translation of academic records and certificates for students who need certified translations quickly. California Center for Translation & Interpretation offers a variety of services for international students. Foreigners who have graduated from high school in a non-English speaking country and are interested in attending college in the United States will often be asked to submit the certified translation of their high school diploma. This one-page document usually includes the degree holder’s full legal name, date of birth, the school’s name, the type of degree earned, graduation year, and the principal’s signature. It serves as a proof for the completion of high school.

Our translators have professional experience translating high school diplomas from and into English. They have translated documents for many students. International students who want their foreign-language diploma to be translated into English for a school in the United States can be confident in our ability to deliver high-quality translation services for academic documents. Our translators are committed to preparing translations that exceed your expectations. Our detail-oriented translators will carefully review the diploma and translate the text from the source language into English. They will format the document to match the original. We will proofread the final draft to make sure that the translation is complete and correct. We can email the digital copy of the translation directly to the school or we can mail the hard copy. Please let us know whether you would like the hard copy to be mailed to the school or to your place of residence.

Colleges and universities in the United States often require hard copies of academic translations. We satisfy the requirement of educational institutions by stamping the translation of academic documents and attaching our official certification. We can also translate high school diplomas from English to foreign languages. Students in the United States who are planning to attend a college in a foreign country might be asked to provide the certified translation of their academic documents. Our translators can translate both ways. They will translate all the documents you need in order to apply to schools abroad. We will just need to know the target language and your deadline. Please reach out to us if we can help you with the translation of your diploma or school transcripts. You can speak with a representative about our academic document translation services or you can scan and email us your diploma.

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