Find a Court Certified Translator – Los Angeles

Non-English speakers who need to take advantage of the legal system in Los Angeles often pose a challenge to lawyers who speak English only. They cannot freely express the details of their case and have a discussion with their lawyer without the presence of a legal translator. This point is also an issue if the attorney decides that the non-English speaking party has a compelling case that can win in the court. By finding a certified translator to accompany them in the court law offices in LA and other parts of the country commonly can get around language barriers.

Finding a certified translator can be overwhelming especially for law firms that rarely get non-English speaking clients. Many professionals in the legal industry who contact us typically seek general information about our certified translation services. They would like to know whether we need an advance notice to book them a translator or they can contact us whenever the need arises. A frequently asked question about our legal document translation services is our turnaround time. In general, we try to accommodate clients with urgent projects. If a law firm is working on a case and wants to file a motion very soon, it needs to have the translated documents. We understand that law offices have to meet certain deadlines, and we always do our best to work with lawyers who have urgent projects.

We have executed the translation of many documents that lawyers have taken to court. Finding a court-certified or registered translator to take care of your translation needs when it comes to presenting a case in the Los Angeles Superior Court or other courts across the state can be easy if you get in touch with the right people. We encourage you to contact us about our certified translations for courts. You can take our translations to Los Angeles Superior Court or other courts in the county. We encourage you to visit our website for further information about getting a certified translation in LA. We will help you find the best translators for your legal needs. At CACFTI we have solid experience with the translation of documents for courts.

Our court-certified translators work hard to produce high-quality translations of your legal documents. They have excellent knowledge of legal terminology and are capable of translating text in the area of law. Regardless of the topic of the document you have in mind, they can help you. They are ready to translate your documents. They can also attend depositions and trials. We cover many languages. Please contact us about our availability and the languages we support.

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