Certified Translations: Academic Translation for Universities

A large number of international students contact us to learn about our certified translations for academic documents. They mention that they are applying to a university in the United States and thus need to have their school records translated into English. We are very happy to assist international candidates who are pursuing their dream of obtaining a degree in the United States. Our translators who handle the translation of school related texts are perfect for individuals with a need for academic document translation services. We translate academic documents and certificates from a variety of languages into English. Therefore, we can assist students from all over the world.

Certified Translation of French Documents-Our translators who specialize in French to English translations and consistently deliver excellent translations are available to help you. If you attended an educational institution in France, Belgium, or any other French speaking part of the world and are now in the process of filling out an application for admissions you can count on us for your translation needs. We have translated many French language documents for schools in Los Angeles and other cities in the country.

Certified Translation of Spanish Documents-We are true experts in the translation of Spanish documents. Our translators who translate text from Spanish to English are familiar with variations in language. When it comes to translating academic documents from schools that issue their documents in the Spanish language our translators review the text and translate the words into English. They pay close attention to all the sections. If they are unfamiliar with abbreviations used in the academic documents in Spanish they conduct a little bit of research so that they get everything right.

Portuguese to English Translation with Certification-Since we provide top quality translation services for Portuguese documents in the area of education, you can contact us when you need a document translated from Portuguese to English for universities in the United States. Our translators who focus on Portuguese translation services have handled the translation of many documents for international students. They aim to exceed the expectation of clients who come to us with their Portuguese language documents. We have translated documents issued in Brazil and Portugal.

CACFTI is a great choice for anyone who is seeking academic document translation services for an admissions application. If you have decided to apply to a school in California and need to submit a certified translation of your academic records and diploma, get in touch with us.

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