Does My Translation Need to Be Certified for USCIS?

Immigrants who are starting to fill out an application that they intend to submit to USCIS often wonder what has to be done about foreign-language documents that they need to submit with their paperwork. They want to know whether their own translations are acceptable. They ask us whether certified translations for USCIS are different from non-certified translations they can prepare themselves. Immigration authorities are very clear about their requirements for documents that are printed in a language other than English. They have a section on their website for certified document translations. They state that foreign-language documents must be attached to their translations and the translator’s certification. For immigration applications all translations have to be certified. We have translated many documents including birth certificates for immigration lawyers. We are fully familiar with the requirements of immigration officials for translated documents.

Our certified translations are stamped and sealed. We are committed to providing certified translations that exceed the expectations of immigrants. Many of our clients come back to us if they need additional documents translated because they are very satisfied with our services. We are very happy to take new and returning clients. We can translate and certify documents from various languages into English. If your legal documents were issued in a foreign language and you are not sure how you can get a certified translation, you can contact us for assistance. A friendly representative will guide you through the process. You do not have to get stuck when you learn that you have to turn in the certified translation of your personal documents. You can continue with the rest of your application while we take care of the translation part. You can rely on our expertise in certified translation service to translate all the documents you need to submit with your application.

We can handle the translation of birth certificates, ID cards, divorce decrees, etc from foreign languages into English. You can simply send us your documents by email and let us know to which address you would like to mail the certified copy of the translations. In short, if you have been asked to submit a non-English document to USCIS you must seek certified translations. Failing to consider certified translations for USCIS might delay your application process. Your paperwork could be rejected. You are welcome to reach out to us if you need certified translation services for immigration purposes. We will be happy to assist you with your certified translation needs.

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