Translation of Letters of Recommendation in Admissions Process

International students who have never attended school in the United States are usually unfamiliar with the admissions process. Many of them fail to realize the importance of letters of recommendation in their admission to universities. Companies in the United States that provide academic translation services understand the significance of all the documents that international students are expected to submitted to the school of their choice. They try very hard to translate academic documents accurately so that the applicants can submit their best application for consideration. Students who have worked hard to maintain a high grade point average and have requested letters of recommendation from their former professors or employers should try to work with professional translators. Experienced translators are familiar with the requirement of colleges and universities in the United States.

They have provided certified translations for academic documents and are ready to take on the translation of your letters of recommendation and transcripts. Admissions offices usually do not translate foreign-language documents in-house. They ask their applicants to send them the English translation of their academic documents. Students who send impressive translations might increase their chances of being accepted. If the university representatives cannot understand the translations, they are likely to move on to other candidates. Even if they ask the applicants to resubmit their translations they are more likely to give priority to those who cared enough to submit high-quality translations initially. CACFTI is here for students who need to have their letters of recommendation translated from a foreign language into English. We want you to have your best shot at admissions. Those who want to apply to Los Angeles City College () or other community colleges can bet on our professional translation services for the translation of their academic documents.

We do not wish to cause delays in your application process. Hence, we make sure that all the translations go through our quality control procedures. We translate and proofread the translation of academic records and documents. We usually ask the international students by when they need the translations so that we prepare the translated documents before the school’s deadline. We can email the certified translations to the university if they do not need the hard copy. Our skilled translators can translate academic records, diplomas, and reference letters. We remove language barriers for international students who must meet the requirements of American schools in order to be considered for admissions. Please call (310) 584-7481 to learn more about our academic document translation services. A representative can provide a quote for the translation of your academic documents if you could scan and email them to us.

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