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Medical translation services in Los Angeles

Many hospitals, clinics, and medical offices in Los Angeles admit international patients who do not speak English or need to have their medical documents translated into English. The translation of international patients’ documents such as medical records, prescriptions, doctor’s notes, and test results are often very important to offices that do not have their own multilingual staff onsite. They render translation services to review the patients’ medical record, diagnose the medical condition, and prescribe medication or carry out the right medical procedures. Medical translators who focus on the translation of such documents remove language barriers for medical offices in United States that need to review their international patients’ medical records in the English language. Likewise, medical interpreters accompany patients to their appointments, clinical visits, and treatments. They facilitate communications between English speaking physicians and patients from other parts of the world. They may also assist international patient coordinators in scheduling and rescheduling appointments for patients who do not speak English.

Why medical translation matters

Hospitals that take medical tourists often rely on the works of medical translators when they review foreigners’ medical records. They usually have to know the medical history of international patients in order to make recommendations and prescribe medication. Without access to the English translations of international patients’ medical records, U.S. hospitals would probably face difficulty providing medical advice and diagnosis to international patients. Many professionals in the medical field ask patients from foreign countries to submit the certified translation of their medical documents. Our medical translators who have extensive experience in the industry truly understand the importance of clear translations in medical settings. They strive to deliver top-quality translations for medical teams.

Certified translations and medical tourism

Many patients around the world consider medical tourism because they are trying to reduce expenses or they are seeking a procedure that is not available in their home country. Others may just be looking for a second opinion from a medical professional overseas. International patients who are seeking medical treatments and consultations in the United States usually need to present the certified translation of their medical documents to English speaking doctors. They should get in touch with experienced translators who understand medical language and can translate and certify the content from the source language to English accurately. Translation companies that translate and certify medical documents according to the requirements of medical facilities in the United States help international patients submit their paperwork more efficiently.

CACFTI for your medical translation needs

CACFTI focuses on delivering top-quality translations for medical documents, brochures, manuals, surveys, information packets, and manuals. Our translations are performed by medical translation specialists and proofread for accuracy. We acknowledge that medical facilities in the United States often need high-quality translations of various documents for their internal use. We try to break language barriers and assist medical offices in their efforts to treat international patients by providing great translations. We select some of the industry’s best medical translators for the translation of your documents related to the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals. We can translate documents from many languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, Farsi, Polish, and Russian. All documents can be sent to info@cacfti.com for a quote. Please let us know if you would like the translations to be mailed to your doctor directly and provide the mailing address.

Translation of medical documents for court use

We can provide certified translations of medical documents for court use. Please contact us if you are looking for the official translation of medical reports, records, doctor’s notes, test results, etc. We will attach the translator’s certification in accordance with the court regulations so you can present it to the relevant parties. We can translate documents for medical malpractice cases as well as cases related to personal injury.

Getting in touch with us

We are interested in speaking with you if you are looking for the official translations of your medical documents and records. Please feel free to email your documents to info@cacfti.com and ask any other questions you might have regarding our medical translation and interpretation services. We provide quick turnaround times on our rush service. We work extremely well under pressure and can often accommodate tight deadlines.

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