Certified Translation of Divorce Decrees from Farsi to English

How do I get a certified translation of a Farsi divorce decree?

You can obtain a certified translation of your Iranian divorce decree by emailing a copy of all the pages to info@cacfti.com and mentioning the purpose of the translation. If, for instance, the translation will be used in court please tell us that you will be using it in court. If you want to submit the translation to USCIS, please tell us it is for US immigration or USCIS. We will provide a professional translation with certification that you can use for US Immigration. We have translated many divorce decrees from Farsi to English for legal uses. Our Farsi translators who possess extensive experience in the translation of divorce papers issued in Iran look forward to having the opportunity to translate your documents.

What do Iranian divorce certificates look like?

Divorce certificates issued in Iran look like small booklets that contain multiple pages. The emblem of the Islamic Republic of Iran appears on the first page (please see the example below). They also mention the location and number of the office in which the divorce was registered. The divorce certificate includes other important information such as the date of the divorce registration, the serial number of the document, and the name of the parties involved. It also provides the details of the divorce and the names of the witnesses.

Divorce Decrees from Farsi to English

I have a translation of a divorce paper from Iran. Can I use it for USCIS?

USCIS requires foreign language documents to be accompanied by their certified English translations. USCIS expects translators to follow certain guidelines. Unfortunately, many translations that are executed abroad do not satisfy the requirements of USCIS. If you need to submit your Farsi language divorce papers to USCIS, please get in touch with us. We have translated many divorce decrees, marriage licenses, birth certificates, and other legal documents from Persian to English for visa applications and petitions. We can also provide certified translations for other languages. Our translations meet the requirements of USCIS.

Presentation of foreign language documents to USCIS

Many Iranians who are preparing their paperwork for USCIS ask us whether they need to send us the original Farsi documents. We do not need the original documents. You can simply email us a copy of the Farsi-language documents. We will also provide our official certification, which complies with the requirements of USCIS. You will need to present the English translation as well as our certification.

Translation of Farsi divorce decrees by a court approved translator

If you are planning to use a Farsi language document in court, please bear in mind that you need to submit a translation that a court approved translator has prepared. At California Center for Translation & Interpretation we can provide court certified translations upon request. Our legal translators who have extensive experience in the translation of divorce papers and other legal documents from Farsi to English would love to have the opportunity to assist you. Please be sure to mention the purpose of the translation in your email so that we provide the proper certification. All documents can be emailed to info@cacfti.com.

Do I need my divorce decree from Iran notarized?

Whether you need to have your foreign language documents notarized or not depends on the purpose of the translation. If the recipient has specifically asked you to notarize the translation, then you need to submit a notarized translation. In general, if you are going to use a translation for the State Bar of California or the county recorder’s office then you have to provide a notarized translations. However, if the translation is for USCIS or for your personal use then you won’t need to have it notarized. It is best to ask the party who will be reviewing the translation about their exact requirements.

CACFTI for your certified translation needs

We are here to help! If you are looking for certified translation services, please get in touch with us. Our translators possess effective language skills and take the time to truly understand your documents and accurately translate them into the target language.


Please email your documents to info@cacfti.com or call 888-674-5620 for assistance.

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