Translation Company Serving International Students in Los Angeles

Upon their arrival to the United States international students are often excited to start their journey. They enjoy living on their own and making decisions independently. While it is fun for teenagers to experience life away from home, they sometimes feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities that they have to handle. When they reach their destination, they have to decide which educational institution they want to attend. Among all the 2-year community colleges, 4-year universities, independent institutions, it is tough to decide where to submit their application. In addition, they might have trouble completing their application on their own. They will need to obtain the English translation of their academic records because U.S. schools commonly want to see a copy of their transcripts and degrees earned.

Since they are living alone, they have to manage many tasks on their own. They often have to search for a translation company because counselors do not have an existing relationship with a service provider. Sometimes professionals who work in international student offices have a list of translation companies serving students in their city. Some of them have received translations from these service providers so they know that they are reliable. Students from non-English speaking countries can also find their own translation service provider. Those who want top-quality translation services should definitely conduct their research to find out which firm offers only the best. Firms with extensive experience in academic translation have usually translated documents for many international students and can assist new applicants. Students who have just moved to the United States have enough to worry about. The certified translation of their academic records should be the easy part if they contact a dependable company.

CACFTI is also excited for foreigners who are here to complete a degree. We understand that studying abroad has its challenges. Our translation services for academic documents are perfect for international applicants who are in the process of preparing their school records for U.S. colleges. Our translators who are professional, friendly, and self-motivated are available to translate your documents from foreign languages into English. You can get your documents translated into English by completing a few simple steps. Please email us all the files that you will need to submit with your application plus your deadline. Since we are a translation company in Los Angeles we are familiar with the needs of international students who are staying in this city. We hope to speak with you about our certified translation services for your academic documents.

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