Do I Need ATA Translation for My Academic Documents?

International students who learn that they have to get a certified translation of their foreign-language transcripts and diplomas often ask us whether our translations are compliant with their school’s requirements. Some of them request a translation completed by an ATA translator. Not all translators who perform academic translation services are members of American Translators Association. Therefore, we understand international applicants’ concern. This is a good question.

Some universities and other educational institutions request a translation by ATA members. We have heard from several clients that some universities such as California State University, Northridge only accepts translations executed by members of ATA.

Other schools have less stringent requirements. They expect the translations to be completed by a professional translator but do not require an ATA accredited translator. They only require the translation company’s official stamp and seal on every page of the original and the English translation. Some of them may wish to have the translator sign or initial the bottom of every page.

CACFTI collaborates with various translators to translate academic documents. We have years of experience in the industry and have served the translation needs of many international students. We have translated many types of documents from foreign languages to English for individuals who were in the process of applying to schools in the United States. Nevertheless, we rely on our clients to inform us about the exact requirement of the recipient. We usually do not know whether the college or university you have in mind requires a translation performed by translators with specific qualifications. Please be sure to ask your academic counselor about the school’s requirements for translations. We never make guesses about schools’ requirements so please make sure to ask your academic advisor before you contact us. You can often find this information on the school’s website as well. If we learn that you must present an ATA certified translation to your school, then we will assign your documents to a translator who is a member of American Translators Association.

We also provide official translations for schools that accept certified translations completed by professional translators as well as many degree evaluation service providers. Our translators have wide experience in the translation industry. They have solid knowledge of vocabulary used in academic documents and can translate foreign language grade sheets and other relate documents to English. Please get in touch with us if you are looking for academic document translation services and would like to have the best translations. We rely on translators with fine skills to deliver the translation of academic records and degrees. Please email us your documents for a quote.

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